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Are You Addicted to Sugar? Rate Yourself.


Are You Addicted to Sugar? Rate Yourself.

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AMRAP 5 minutes:
5 squat clean thruster (135/95)
15 burpees
rest 3 minutes and repeat

Are You Addicted to Sugar?  Rate Yourself.

“Sugar activates the brain in a special way that is very reminiscent of drugs like cocaine.”

Check out the video above.  How addicted to sugar are you?  Check out the sugar addiction rating scale below.  What’s your number?  Post to comments.

1. Sugar Repulses Me – I eat vegetables only.  Fruit and all grains are absent of my diet 100% of the time.  I can’t remember the last time I ate refined sugar.
2. Fruit and Vegetable Badass – I eat vegetables and fruits only.  If I eat fruit, I eat only one piece per day.
3. Fruits, Vegetables, and 80% Dark! – I eat fruits and vegetables and the occasional piece of dark chocolate.   I draw the line at milk chocolate.
4. All Natural + Wine and Liquor Of Course – I eat fruits, vegetables, wine and hard liquors.  
5. Paleo + Sugar Baby!  I add sugar to my Paleo template in the forms of honey, agave, stevia, alcohol, and dried fruits.  I can’t imagine my life without one or all of these staples.
6. Walk the Line – I walk the Paleo tight rope but sometimes fall off into the sea of an afternoon cookie, a morning scone, or a bar of milk chocolate.
7. Walk the Line Plus – I eat Paleo in concept but have some type of treat be it cookie, ice cream, energy bar, or bread every day.  
8. Cranky Addict – I get tired, hungry, and angry if I don’t have my afternoon sugar.  It’s part of my day.
9. Sugar Happy – when I’m sad, I eat sugar and then I’m not sad anymore.  Is that bad?
10. Just reading this post made my mouth water and I immediately went and purchased a milkshake.

24 Responses

      1. Jasmine

        My grad school advisor’s desk and office is exactly like that!
        Thankfully, most journals are now online. Otherwise, my desk would be just as bad.

  1. Normally I’m a 4 but after riding my bike 7 hours a day for the past 4 days (over constantly varied _terrain_ at any rate), I would drink the shit out of a milkshake RIGHT NOW if there was any place open that would make me one! However I’m about to eat a whole bunch of eggs and bacon instead.

    1. Alison Minton

      Moishe! I was looking at Breck Epic results because I know a couple of riders. Saw your name – didn’t know you were doing it! That’s so awesome – and it sounds like it was totally brutal!

      1. It is brutal but also really, really fun. I’m in full on post-ride stoke mode right now because today’s stage was outrageously fun and everything just “clicked.” I have to say that Crossfit has made a GIANT difference in my recovery time and my ability to throw the bike around over roots and rocks and short little climbs (which made up the last 10 miles of today’s stage).

  2. Ben O'Brien

    This is from the AHA paper Lustig co-authored in case you’re wondering what constitutes added sugars. Googling AHA Lustig will get you to the paper. *Includes
    white, brown, and raw sugar; syrup; honey; and molasses, eaten
    or used as ingredients in processed or prepared foods such as
    cakes, soft drinks, jams, and ice cream.
    teaspoon of added sugars has the same amount of total sugars as 1
    (4 g) of table sugar (sucrose)

  3. Ben O'Brien

    I’m a 5.5 but feel bad about my weakness. Is there any health benefit to that of the fact that I’m poisoning my kids?

  4. Davis Hart

    Somewhere between 5 and 7. Food is somewhat of a hobby of mine, so I like to indulge in it and find I feel trapped if I don’t. As odd as it might sound, I feel the same way about CrossFit – it’s something I really love to do, and I feel unhappy if I can’t/don’t exercise. Someone telling me “you can’t eat any sugar ever” or even “you can only eat sugar one meal a week” feels the same as “you can do only one metcon a week” or “squat cleans are dangerous – don’t ever do them”.

  5. Oh dear God, I don’t know. Over the past year and a half, I’ve run the gamut between 1-7. I suppose nowadays I’m roughly a 4, sans hard liquor, plus occasional full fat dairy. Plus a couple cheat days a month.
    I thought living with a mostly vegetarian endurance athlete was going to be somewhat difficult in terms of keeping a Paleo house, but since I do 95% of the meal planning/preparation and he’s sensitive to the importance of Paleo for my diet (aka I will never ever be able to drink a pint of chocolate milk followed by an entire baguette as a recovery meal but am still oddly jealous that he’s able to do so), it has been smooth sailing so far. P.S. Sorry for revealing your favorite recovery meal that makes you so fast and strong, TYD.

  6. Dialed-in for me would be a 4 on this scale, but I definitely have my 6’s from time to time. Though I wouldn’t call it “falling” anymore. These days I fully understand the gut pains and midnight sweats I’m going to encounter as well as the damage I’m doing to my body. If after all that I still want it, I have it.

  7. Amy S.

    I’m a 3, occasionally a 4. Was a 2 for years. I think the occasional sugar indulgence is much less bad for you than the occasional gluten indulgence. So if I’m going off the wagon, so I opt for creme brulee instead of a cookie. Doesn’t make me sick and tastes better too. Also, homemade 100% heavy cream or coconut cream ice cream is a nice alternative to a takeout milkshake and you can control the amount of sweetener…

      1. Amy S.

        Heavy cream OR coconut cream – though a combo might be good! Just throw one or the other (or both) in the big fancy Cuisinart ice cream maker with a little maple syrup or your sweetener of choice (or none if you prefer) and whatever flavors you like: vanilla or peppermint extract, fruit, cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips, almond flour (makes it taste a little like cookie dough ice cream). To get coconut cream, put the can of coconut milk in the fridge for a bit so it separates and drain the water out. There is no milk protein or lactose like in regular ice cream, so it’s a treat without tummyache for us dairy-sensitive types. The coconut cream version is safer.

  8. I’m proud that I’m currently a 3-4, with a dash of 5 sometimes. BUT I can remember being an 8. It was not fun working in an office with me during the afternoon if I didn’t have my daily fix. I was a very cranky addict. Glad those days are behind me.

  9. CAL

    This was interesting segment, especially the Sugar Cane farmer’s take on “the science isn’t really clear on this…” HUH?? Though I do appreciate his comments re: BALANCE. As a former restaurant owner, forever foodie and ardent fan of the culinary arts, I’m a 5-7 who may occasionally aspire toward 4/5. And the more I learn to cook tasty food from my growing collection of paleo themed cookbooks, the more likely that may be..
    As for “the desk”: I have colleagues from my past life a a Professional Organizer/Productivity Consultant who would SO love to get their hands on that doc & his desk as a client! 🙂