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Free Class Tonight and 2012 Fall Schedule


Free Class Tonight and 2012 Fall Schedule

2012 CrossFit Games Track Triplet Workout:
Three rounds for time of:

115 pound Split snatch, alternating legs, 8 reps

7 Bar muscle-ups

Run 400 meters

WOD: Workout of the Day, WOD1.0: Workout of the Day Version 1.0, OLY: Olympic Weightlifting, ST: Strength, COMP: Competitor Program, WOMS: Women’s Only Program, O-CLUB: Olympic Weightlifting Club, CFE-W/R: CrossFit Endurance Program, ERG: Rowing, POW: Power Hour.

Free Class Tonight and Fall Schedule

Curious about CrossFit?  We have a free class and intro session tonight at 7pm.  Space is limited.  Reserve a spot here.

AND…introducing the fall schedule!  Welcome 6:00am 5 days a week, a midweek open shop, and a 3:00pm on Fridays among a few other tweaks.

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    1. It’s available now for next week. New schedule starts August 20th. The only exception is that for next week only the Monday WOD 1.0 will still be at 5:00pm. It will move to 5:30pm the following week.

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