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14.3 Announcement is Tonight!


14.3 Announcement is Tonight!

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The Open helps us go hard to a level we don't find on a regular basis throughout the year.  And it opens the door for so many possibilities.

The Open helps us go hard to a level we don’t find on a regular basis throughout the year. And it opens the door for so many possibilities.

 14.3 Announcement is Tonight!

Tonight is the third live announcement of the CrossFit Open season.  Athletes Stacie Tovar and Alessandra Pichelli will go head to head in the third installment of the 2014 Open Season.

So far, the Open Throwdowns have been nothing short of inspiring and fun and with crazy amounts of energy!

Many athletes have done things they didn’t think possible – whether it was their first double under, a 55 pound snatch or a 95 pound overhead squat, there’s something about the Open that helps folks kick it up a notch.

Have you done something beyond your expectations in 14.1 or 14.2?  Post to comments. 


8 Responses

  1. shane

    I can think of 10 people off the top of my head that have told me how they did something they had never done before and had never thought they could do, and it’s only been 2 weeks!
    I can’t wait to see what doors of opportunity the next few weeks open up!

  2. Googs

    Oh, hell yeah. A couple of months ago I assumed I’d do my first Open in 2015, not this year. I’m too new at this, the weights are too high, the movements I “can’t” do, etc. — but I signed up anyway, because… well, I don’t actually know why I signed up. But in 14.1, I got as many double-unders in that one wod as I’d probably logged in my entire life prior to that. 14.2 came along, with a 95# OHS. My one rep max overhead squat prior to that was friggin’ eighty five pounds. But I managed to OHS the 95 pounds seven times. A new PR, seven times in a row. So yeah, maybe that’s why I signed up. I didn’t even get to attempt a chest-to-bar pullup, but I don’t give a shit. Seven reps at ninety five pounds. Hell yeah, THAT was fun!
    So while the big stories are (rightly so) all about the many Roots athletes battling for the top spots, I’m just trying to log a result each week, and stay out of Very Last Place. And guess what? I’m having a blast.

  3. Emily Eley

    I just finished Foundations at the end of February and wasn’t really sure what the open was until I showed up the first Friday. I figured I’d watch but Ali was so confident I could snatch 55lbs and I somehow believed her! 10 mins later I had indeed snatched 55lbs for the first time, and finished the double Unders! I was sooo pumped. I love Roots, its offered a place where I can exceed my expectations. Thanks coaches!

  4. lisa p

    After looking at my log book for the last 3 years, I realized I’d never repped out as many OHS at 65# as I did in 14.2. Additionally, after not really touching a jump rope for oh, a few months, I got through a couple rounds of 14.1. I commit to the Open each year because I want to put (at least) one rep up each week for five weeks and cheer on all of you fine folks doing the same!

  5. After Friday night of 14.1 I was pretty sure I could not get any more reps based on how completely awful I felt after that workout. Over the course of the weekend a few folks convinced me to try it again and I got 50 more reps! Did not expect that!

  6. Emily Moore

    First chest to bar ever…x 4 in 14.2! Best part – explaining to my mom what that was and hearing her gasp as she realized “that’s like, harder than a pullup”.
    And (hopefully) tomorrow I will do more 135# deadlifts than i’ve ever done in my life.