30-20-10 reps for time of:
Body-weight back squats
Strict push-ups w/ 25lb plate on back
Strict pull-ups

So you have a nickname on the whiteboard?   What's the story behind it?

So you have a nickname on the whiteboard? What’s the story behind it?

Nicknames and the Whiteboard

Ever wonder what’s up with those crazy names on the whiteboard?

For example, Hammer, Killer, Sugar, and It’s All Good?

Well, way back in the day (like 2008) we had and athlete named Jason (he’s since moved to Crested Butte).  He was a member for awhile and then along came another Jason.  While both Jason’s were great athletes, everyone kept getting them confused on the whiteboard.

Someone would look at the whiteboard and say, “Jason back squatted 250?!”  
And the coach would reply, “Yea, bike Jason.”  
The athlete would look puzzled and say, “Oh, who is bike Jason, I thought it was teacher Jason.”

And this continued for a few weeks until we made up one of the longest standing rules at CrossFit Roots:
If an athlete joins the shop and you share the same name, you are responsible for coming up with that athlete’s nickname for use on the whiteboard.  Their nickname can be a nickname they’ve gone by in the past, made up from a funny story they share, or completely made up on the spot.  That name is then used for the whiteboard…and sometimes in all workout and social settings going forward.

Now, the athlete that joined the shop first gets first dibs on their name AND it is their responsibility to arrange for the use of the nickname.

Is there someone on the whiteboard that shares the same name as you?  Were you a member first or second?  Post to comments.