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Nicknames and the Whiteboard


Nicknames and the Whiteboard

30-20-10 reps for time of:
Body-weight back squats
Strict push-ups w/ 25lb plate on back
Strict pull-ups

So you have a nickname on the whiteboard?   What's the story behind it?

So you have a nickname on the whiteboard? What’s the story behind it?

Nicknames and the Whiteboard

Ever wonder what’s up with those crazy names on the whiteboard?

For example, Hammer, Killer, Sugar, and It’s All Good?

Well, way back in the day (like 2008) we had and athlete named Jason (he’s since moved to Crested Butte).  He was a member for awhile and then along came another Jason.  While both Jason’s were great athletes, everyone kept getting them confused on the whiteboard.

Someone would look at the whiteboard and say, “Jason back squatted 250?!”  
And the coach would reply, “Yea, bike Jason.”  
The athlete would look puzzled and say, “Oh, who is bike Jason, I thought it was teacher Jason.”

And this continued for a few weeks until we made up one of the longest standing rules at CrossFit Roots:
If an athlete joins the shop and you share the same name, you are responsible for coming up with that athlete’s nickname for use on the whiteboard.  Their nickname can be a nickname they’ve gone by in the past, made up from a funny story they share, or completely made up on the spot.  That name is then used for the whiteboard…and sometimes in all workout and social settings going forward.

Now, the athlete that joined the shop first gets first dibs on their name AND it is their responsibility to arrange for the use of the nickname.

Is there someone on the whiteboard that shares the same name as you?  Were you a member first or second?  Post to comments.

39 Responses

  1. Nathan Bolser

    Nathan Baltz was the fist Nathan in at the old shop. It kinda went like this:
    Nicole: “We need a nickname for you.”
    Me: “How about bad mother******?” (ala Pulp Fiction)
    Nicole: “Yeah, we can’t put that on the white board.”
    Me: “I dunno. What about like Hammer or Axel or something?”

  2. Trevor Dean

    Check me on this but I think I was technically a member before Trevor Gibson arrived. Look forward to working with you on a suitable moniker, TG…

  3. Stephanie

    Hmm. Funny. I was the first Stephanie at the shop and then came… Stefanie. Let the records show she has avoided getting a nickname but now I am suddenly Baltz on the board. Is that because a different spelling is sufficient? Stef, time for you to get a nickname!!! Anybody have any ideas?!

    1. Hm…well I’m not sure why that happened although we’ve never done it for different spellings so perhaps that’s why initially. We have three different spellings of Lindsay(ey) and Lyndsey, no nicknames.

    2. Shane

      Hah, I was responsible for this. I just thought Baltz was a cool nickname but we can go back to Stephanie.
      I don’t always have logic behind the nicknames I give or why (like P-Dub for Pam even when she was the only one) but if you ever get one you don’t want just sayso and we can fix it.
      I think we have a few Ryan’s that need some names as well.

    1. AliMinton

      As far as I know, you are Matt. We have Matt Hallowell, who goes by his last name, Matt Schroeder, who also goes by his last name. Hmm who else? Anyways, start thinking about nick names because there is also one in Foundations!

  4. Emily Moore

    I think there are about 4 Emily’s…I don’t think I was the first. Zac referred to me as “M&M” at one point, but it disappeared. Will the first Emily please stand up?

      1. AliMinton

        So I believe the original Emily is gone (she lives in Frisco now), which would default to Emily McCourt – who goes by EmC on the whiteboard (at least from Shane and I). Emily Moore, you’re next! I’m not sure if Emily Moore and Emily McCourt need to confer on Emily Eley’s name?

        1. Emily Moore

          Hmm, I like Emily Eley’s last name, it works way better as a nickname than mine. But, I was epic impressed by her showing during the Open, she deadlift way more than me like it was no big deal… so a name indicating her strength also seems appropriate. What about Steeley?

          1. Emily Moore

            Great! Glad you like it. Nice work on today’s workout (Nukes). I tried to get to your number, but just couldn’t make it. I got 52.

  5. Googs

    All I know is one day, soon after I started at Roots, Ali said I needed a nickname for the whiteboard. So, I said “just put Googs”. “Googs?” “Yeah. G-O-O-G-S, Googs.” It was my nickname in HS when I was last seen being remotely athletic. My last name’s Guglielmetti, which everyone pronounces “Google-a-metty” (even long before the existence of Google), which is totally the wrong way to say it. So, yeah, Googs. Naturally. =)

  6. Diane

    Do I get to nickname Diana? And, I’ll make public that Paul (my boyfriend, always in black, with beard ) Robinson has the nickname ‘Salty’ in many circles. If Paul #1 will approve…he can ‘spice’ up the whiteboard if you will.

      1. Paul

        Salty? I donno. Seems too tame. My brothers nicknamed me Catbox after an infamous wrestling match where I came up for air from being pinned in the corner of the laundry room with cat littler embedded all over the side of my face. If tradition stands, I may have to pass this gem onto your Paul.

  7. MollyMo1982

    I was the first Molly! Now there’s like 4.. Hard to keep straight. Also gets confusing when somebody calls me Emily…

    1. Alejandro Soto

      I also thought I wouldn’t have a name doppleganger, but now I think there’s another Alejandro (though he might go by Alex).

  8. Wes Stewart

    Word on the street is there is a new Wes on the Block…
    Got a couple nicknames in mind…
    How about Snipes, as in Wesley Snipes…
    He’s a Bad Motha F*******

  9. Nicole S

    Hmm… I’ve always been “Nicole S” on the online whiteboard but “Nicole” in the shop. Now there are 3 or 4 of us. Nicole Christenson: I make a pretty kick a** Wonder Woman…

    1. Jeremy

      If you’re going the super hero route, I have to bring up the fact that you’re strong, and you like to smash inanimate objects when they make you angry…

      1. Nicole S

        Isn’t Hulk already taken? I hope so… though “Smash” and “Smasher” do sound pretty cool.

  10. Odie

    I’m Odie, but I’m not sure there was a Mike before me. But anyways, I hung around the gym too much so naturally the real name went out the window. Do we have any other Mike’s on the board? I feel weird introducing myself as Mike at the gym, so if I haven’t met you, and I say “Odie”, just roll with it.

  11. Brenda Bonilla

    We named our daughter after me, but at our home she has always gone by “Brendita,” she only allows that at home. I joined first so at the gym she goes by Brendi.

  12. P-Dub

    I like P-Dub and I don’t care if I’m the only Pam! I do think there were 3 Pams at one point. And I think Wonder Woman for Nicole S is perfect! Kick A** Wonder Woman seems a bit long…

  13. Kimberly Urness

    Did my recent “outing” of “Kimbo” to Shane motivate this post!? I think it was two years ago when there were two Kim’s in one of Eric’s classes…don’t know how it all went down or who was the first real “Kim” but I mentioned to him that friends called me Kimbo. Then Ryan heard Adam calling me Kimbo one day during Oly Club and all he said he could think about was “Kimbo Slice”…and then it became really official!

  14. Bones

    Yeah, back in the day when there were like 25 members, there was another Kevin (really!?!). I don’t think I ever met this mysterious “Kevin” person, but Nicole said I had to use a nickname. The only two nicknames I ever had were Doctor K (beautiful drive down the lane finishing with a smooooth finger roll or dunk), which would have been pretentious, and Bones from my sophomore year in high school when I was 6’1″ and 145 lbs. Bones it was, even though by then (2008 or 2009 or whenever) I was 6’4″ and 220lbs. Maybe shoulda been Fats …

  15. Maura

    I’m actually hoping for another Maura to join the gym because Boulderites are the only people in the country who consistently call me by my first name. It’s so weird to me.