5 rounds:
5 deadlift
max rep consecutive push-ups
rest as needed between rounds

Maybe it was the altitude or perhaps the weather that kept him cooped up inside throughout his Colorado visit but one thing is for sure, Jeff returned to the east coast with a full-fledged iron cross.

Paleo 2.0 Free Agents

Free agents will receive an email containing all of the other free agents’ emails.  Go forth and find a partner.

Kevin K. (Bones) – go Paleo or go home
Kevin M. – can I still participate? PLEASE???!!!
KayCee J. – is Chris your partner? Let us know.
Kaitlin R – make sure I get on a cool team
Olivia W
Asha N. 
Jason O. – he hunts goose
Karen K. 
Allison S. – It’s going to be tough but at least I can say I tried…I love sugar and beer
Greg M.
Paul Sommer – Free agent looking for someone who can understand the challenge of dropping the daily IPA intake. 
Wendy B. – Coffee ok?  Sure she’ll participate! 
Gil H.
Stephanie B. – she once said she’s never give up pasta, now she’s on her way to being a Paleo princess

Paleo 2.0 Teams (thus far)

Team 1: Lori T./Nisha A.
Team 2: Fraser R/Lil’ Jim
Team 3: Barbara/Mark
Team 4: Rowe/Holcomb
Team F— Gluten: Inderwies/Yap
Team 6: Anderson/Hyde
Team 7: Lawrence/James
Team 8: Grahams