For time:
Row 500 meters
150 Double-unders
50 Burpees

The CrossFitRoots 2010 affiliate team. From left to right: Tracy (individual competition), Karl, Ryan (coach), Molly, Eric (coach), Emily, Chad, Olivia, Lawrence, Nicole (individual competition and coach).

Introducing the 2010 CrossFit Roots Affiliate Team

In just 2 days the first ever CrossFit Roots affiliate team will make their debut at the 2010 North Central Regional Affiliate Cup.  The workouts were announced this past weekend (team totaled 1 rep max snatch, suicide run, and a muscle-up/row/overhead squat triplet) and are a good mix for the group. CrossFit Roots, meet your team:

Chad Schroeder – team captain: Chad brings a fierce internal drive and a lot of facial hair to the mix.  
Karl Erickson – aka The Yellow Dart:
This guy has lungs AND a great nickname.  Look out!
Lawrence Rangel:
This guy improves in a week the amount most people hope to improve in a month.  He’s been Zone/Paleo for quite awhile now.  Look out!
Molly Molter:
Roots’ first member, Molter is the product of consistent hard work over a year.  Just inches away from a muscle-up, watch this girl to bedazzle the crowd.
Emily Molter:
Roots’ second member, EMolter has put the metcon capacity with the heavy lifting potential she showed early in the game.
Olivia Woodruff:
Don’t let that charming accent fool you, this girl comes to throw down.  Her pain threshold is nowhere to be found.