Three rounds for time of:
95 pound Ground to overhead, 10 reps
200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

Scott power cleans 165 at the Colorado Open.


The Colorado Open Wrap-up

Congratulations to Scott, Chris, Chad, Lawrence, Lori, Molly, and Emily who competed at this weekend’s Colorado Open.  We are so very proud to have you represent Roots at this weekend’s competition.  Also thanks to everyone who came out to cheer on and support the crew!

There were some significant differences in our athletes in this weekend’s competition vs. the Sectional in March.

Lawrence showed a poise that we did not see back in March.  Stronger and with more awareness of form under his belt he stayed collected through out the workouts.

Molly showed heart that we knew she had in her but that is rarely tested.  Coming off of a wrist injury that put her out for two weeks and then nursing it with scaled back workouts over the past three weeks she powered through the power clean/run workout with a lot of physical baggage.  Competing after a less than ideal month prior can bring about the worst mental game imaginable; however, Molly won the battle.

Emily showed us once again that weights are just a number and competition is different.  She power cleaned 105 pounds like it was her job and paced the workout in a manner that I am certain enabled her to make the cut-off.

Chad demonstrated the true CrossFit will.  Going into the second day his hands were mangled chunks of flesh held together with tape (no seriously, they were messed up).  He put the pain aside and edged out his competition to win his final heat of the weekend.

New to the competition scene was Lori, Scott, and Chris.

Lori rocked it!  After Emily offered some friendly (and wise) advice that Lori should go for the power clean/run workout as prescribed Lori warmed up to 105 and with a little hesitation in her eyes left for her event. This workout was hard for her, that was obvious, but her determination was tremendous as she chipped away and finished the workout with a few seconds to spare.  As a side note, this is 35 pounds more than Lori has ever cleaned in a workout.

Scott’s performances were both breakthroughs and we will now hold him to a higher standard at the shop:) Scott left nothing in the tank for every event and his dedication to preparing for this event was evident in his composure and approach to the entire weekend.

Chris showed us that competition is in his blood.  His antsy and jittery pre-competition habits transferred into some unleashing of the beast once the clock started.

Overall results for the event can be found HERE.