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The Total Days of Winter wrapped up last week. Did you miss The Total? Email Nicole to let her know. We will schedule a make-up in the next two weeks.

A Week of Food in Pictures Wrap-up

Last Monday Nicole committed to photographing every meal she ate for the entire week.  We called it A Week of Meals in Pictures. The goal was to get at the fact that yes, we really do eat like this 98% of the time.

The final piece of the project was to take a survey today as to whether or not the week of meals posted was something you would possibly eat.

So, what did you think?  Could you picture yourself eating this way?  Post to comments.

The comments on Monday were filled with great conversation about Paleo, feeding kids Paleo foods, and the cost of Paleo. Bones threw out an additional tweak to the project and said that I should track my cost which I made my best attempt to do. Here were my expenses, with brief explanations where necessary.  I realize this is not very specific at all but I think it is still helpful.

Sunday night grocery trip for Eric and me: Whole Foods – $38.02
Monday morning Whole Foods – 5.40 (grabbed quick lunch stuff for later in the day)
Friday and Tuesday lunch and dinner at Illegal Pete’s – $6.85 x 2
midweek grocery trip to Whole Foods – $30.57
Nicole’s monthly girls-night-out dinner at the Chop House – $47.00
Whole Foods – $40.98

Total grocery bill: $114.97, but not all of it was for me, we fed 3 people in our house this week
Total eating out bill: $60.70 (normally would not include a $50 dinner)
Total ounces converted to dollars of pre-paid beef (from our 1/4 cow): $11.22 (2.5 pounds!)

GRAND TOTAL: somewhere around $84 to feed me not including the Chop House meal.

Notes: Eric’s sister moved in with us on Tuesday so our grocery bill fed three people for the week. The grocery bill obviously does not include my coffee expenses which is roughly $20/week but isn’t really food so I didn’t tally it up.  Eric never eats lunch at home so the grocery bill does not include his lunches.