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Mental Toughness


Mental Toughness

Team Workout #1 from the MBS Turkey Challenge

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Plate ground to overhead 45 lb./25 lb.
15 Hand-release pushups
20 Air squats
400 meter plate run 45 lb./25 lb.

Each team will be given an area and weights. Only one athlete will be allowed to work at a time. So, as soon as the first athlete finishes the air squats and leaves the area for the run, the second athlete can begin doing GTO’s. Each team will receive three weights – one 45#, one 25#, and either a 45# or 25#, depending on what their 5th athlete is (male or female).

It is possible during the workout that the team will have 3 athletes on the run with the plates, leaving 2 athletes waiting for the plate to return so they can do the GTO’s.

Some thoughts on CrossFit and mental toughness from Matt Hasselbeck of the Tennessee Titans. Does CrossFit Roots = Siberia?

2 Responses

  1. Byron

    Just want to point out that Matt Hasselbeck is 36 years old and was trading this past offseason because his coach in Seattle didn’t think he could win with him.  He is having a great season and on the verge of getting a mediocre Tennesse Titans team into the playoffs.  Pretty sure Crossfit training is contributing to this success.