8×3 power cleans at 50% 1 RM

See how much fun all these folks had? No, imagine having that much fun EVERY Thursday for the next five weeks? SIGN-UP FOR THE OPEN.

The CrossFit Open at Roots

The Open starts in less than ONE WEEK.  Have you signed up? If not, GO HERE AND GET IT DONE. Now.  Please.

How will we do the Open at Roots?  Read below.

The Open workouts will be announced on Wednesday of each week.  They will be posted here on the CrossFit Games site when available.

Roots will host the Thursday Night Throwdown on Thursday nights from 4:30-6:30pm.  We HIGHLY encourage you to come check out these fun evening events.  Similar to the Benchmark Series, this month-long Thursday night event is not to be missed!  So, make it a date night, bring the family to watch and hangout, or just sneak away for an extra workout.

Athletes can come in anytime between 4:30pm and 6:30pm and put themselves into a heat.  We will run heats of athletes through the workout and collect scores to validate on the Open website.  This is a great way to up the adrenaline just a tad and have some fun this February and March.

Please note: the Open workout on Thursdays WILL ALSO be the workout for the entire day (so every group class will do the Open WOD).  We HIGHLY encourage you to come to the evening event as folks tend to do MUCH better in that environment.

Questions?  Post to comments.