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Have YOU Registered for the Open? See below.


Have YOU Registered for the Open? See below.


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
185 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
*sub for 15s if came both Monday and Tuesday

Hank and Dia at the Valentine's Day WOD. Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks to Scott for all the great video footage. We'll get that out soon! Mark this as an annual tradition!

Have YOU Registered for the Open?

Hey, we need YOU.  The following folks have registered for the Open.  Who is missing from this list?

Post to comments.

Alice Phinney
Alison Minton
Ben O’Brien
Brian Pryor
Chad Schroeder
Charlie Merrill
Chris Dizon
Collin Donahue-Oponski
Davis Hart
Eric Christensen
Faye Stech
Hank Nicholson
Ian Cofrin
Jacob Durling
Karl Erickson
Katherine Berger
Laura munro
Lucie Zikova
Matthew Hallowell
Michael Sampliner
Miles Cooke
Moishe Lettvin
Molly Molter
Nicole Christensen
Russell Berger
Sarah Silver
Shane Upchurch
Stefanie Christensen
Tracie Holcomb
Tracy Emmanuel

12 Responses

  1. Melani

    Thanks Nicole, Eric & the whole Roots crew for a great night. It was fun to see everyone laughing through a workout! I think partner carries should get a little more play from now on.


  2. Stanko!  Where you at on that list?
    Tom Holcomb?
    Ryan Landis?
    Paging Dr. Susskind…?

    You can only help the team by signing up so there’s no excuse not to.  The way the scoring works is they take the best scores from all our team and those points go toward our team total.  So even if only one workout comes out that plays to your strengths, you will help the team!

    If you weren’t around last year for this event you should know that they kept the workouts simple and fairly on the light side so don’t stress about Rx.  AND ITS FUN!

      1. Odie

        No worries…will get signed up as soon as I get paid :).
        Where is Andrew Wax & Jake Fojtik?  Is Zac Pine joining us this year?

        Literally EVERYONE should sign up, no one can hurt the team and even if you think you may not do the WODs Rx’d or be one of the best…it’s still an awesome time!  Just because you might not win doesn’t mean you have an excuse to not try!

        1. collin

          Not to mention everyone will be doing the workouts anyway if they come to class!  Give yourself some extra motivation by signing up!

  3. Davis Hart

    We had a great time last night! Kudos to Tiffany for carrying my ass on EVERY buddy carry. Excited to hit the open full steam!

  4. Stef

    Big ups to everyone who has signed up for the open! If you’re not on that list, we need YOU!

    And now for a few callouts, some of which are redundant I’m sure.

    The roommate callout…
    Jeff Wood and Emily Molter – Sign up! I know where you live!

    The lady who proved to everyone last year that with a little (or a lot) of hard work you can learn a new movement RX’d each week…
    Blakely Graham

    Speaking of Grahams…

    Speaking of Scott Graham…
    Oly Club Members and our Fearless Leader Landis – Where you at?

    And a few others that can’t go without mention…
    Tom Holcomb, Zac Pine, Lisa P., Hillary Harris, Sarah Bird, Emmanuels, Nathan Baltz, Ryan Angilly, the list could go on and on!

    Try it!  You’ll like it! Remember your score can only help, and who knows, your super secret skill might just come up in on of the WODs 🙂

  5. Jason Emmanuel

    Easy Stef, I’m registered. I took my sweet time and was holding out to see if they had a frail old guy category.