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4 rounds:
AMRAP 2 minutes:
25 overhead squats (75/55)
50 barbell lateral jumps
Rest 2 minutes

Nicole during workout 2 at the 2012 CrossFit Southwest Regionals. Nicole placed 7th in this workout.


Nicole takes 9th at the 2012 CrosFit Southwest Regional.  The weekend was nothing short of amazing, inspirational, and motivating.  Stay tuned this week for a wrap-up and other insights to the weekend and what’s to come.

For complete scores, see here.

25 Responses

  1. Alice

    Nicole, you are my hero.  I can’t begin to imagine doing all those workouts in 3 days. Thanks for being such a wonderful coach and role model.

    1. Annette

      LOL! Glad I’m not the only one that was glued to the leaderboard/twitter/facebook pages. 

  2. Pam

    Awesome Nicole! I am so happy to be a part of Roots and have you as one of my awesome coaches!!

  3. Pryor

    Nicole, that was super awesome.  We’re so proud to have you as our coach, not just because you finished so high but because you did it the right way and in style.  I was lucky enough to go watch on Saturday and Nicole’s form was picture perfect and never broke.  Unfortunately that cannot be said for a big chunk of the other athletes.  Lots of folks got by on size and strength but with terrible form – sometimes we winced at movements sure to produce eventual shoulder and back issues.  Nicole led by example and she killed it!

  4. Amy Santamaria

    A coach who can compete with great dedication and sportsmanship is not to be taken for granted.  Thanks for setting a good example for all of us. 

  5. Lucie

    I swear I didn’t log myself twice on the whiteboard!!! Not sure why my name is coming up two times?!?!

    1. Hey Lucie – we made some big updates last night, so there will be a few things we’ll have to look into, including this! Don’t worry though, we’ll take care of this! 
      Thanks, Faye

      1. Lucie

         Oh good… I thought that I somehow messed up something. BTW, I love that you can look at your old workouts now! It’s really awesome, Thanks!

  6. Awesome!! Congrats!! I wish I could have been there to see it all myself! I think it is safe to say that everyone is proud to having you as a coach.

  7. Jasmine

    Well done, Nicole! I wish I could have been there this weekend to see you killing it in beast mode!