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Day 2 of the Southwest Regional

10 Responses

  1. Wendy

    Good luck today Nicole!
    One arm 70# snatch? Umm……..what??
    I’ll work all day today to figure out how that is a “functional movement!”
    Have fun at the tent city Roots crew!
    ….I’m there in spirit!

  2. Amy Santamaria

    Amazing!  Nicole’s speed and great form on Workout 3 helped her pass much bigger, stronger women.  A great lesson in the importance of attention to detail and staying focused.  Way to go, Nicole – you just keep moving up in the standings!  

  3. Wendy

    Hey everybody – Endurance pal Cal is running her half marathon today!
    Everybody send her good thoughts to power her up those San Francisco hills!
    Drinking an extra cup of coffee this morning for ya Cal!
    Run like a Diva – ‘cuz you can!!

  4. Wendy

    Go Nicole!
    Go Nicole!
    Go Nicole!
    Go Nicole!
    Go Nicole!
    …and yes, I found a functional movement that utilizes a one arm snatch!!
    Hanging a basket of flowers on a hook – yo!
    (if, that is, you can reach that hook – full extension at the top, and I wasn’t even close!)