Overhead Squat
5-5-5-5-5 reps

Ali holding her CrossFit Level 3 certificate.

Ali holding her CrossFit Level 3 certificate with the 9:30am class.

Ali is Official!

Look what showed up in the mail this week!  Ali’s CrossFit Level 3 certificate.  Last month she took and passed the CCFT exam earning the title of Certified CrossFit Trainer.

While the certificate courses are open to trainers at all stages of development, CrossFit Certifications are advanced credentials that ensure experienced individuals possess broad knowledge and finely honed abilities in the field of professional training. The certifications provide the public with an assurance of competency and professional accountability by:

  • Requiring a significant number of practical coaching hours before application;
  • Including examination questions that require analysis and application of knowledge gained from coaching experience;
  • Using performance-based examination to evaluate skills and coaching in real time;
  • Publishing Standards of Professional Practice to which certified trainers and coaches must adhere;
  • Ensuring commitment to a long-term standard of continuing education.

Individuals who have earned Certified CrossFit Trainer or Certified CrossFit Coach credentials will redefine fitness-industry standards through their dedication to results-based programming and training, practical application of knowledge, and comprehensive coaching ability.

The CCFT credential is under application review for accreditation by the American National Standards Institute.