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Apparel Pre-Order Starts Today


Apparel Pre-Order Starts Today

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Check out the new Roots pullover hoodies. We have zip up hoodies too, we'll post pics of those tomorrow.

Fashion Week at CrossFit Roots

MILAN, january 8th

Once upon a time, in the pre-gimmicky age of fitness, athletes dreamed of being Greek-like Gods and Goddesses.  Colorado-based designer RooTS got back to well, his roots, with his new collection of pullover hoodies, zip-up sweatshirts, and sweatpants. In an age of tech tees, wicking fibers, and late night TV fitness ads, RooTS Winter 2011 line flips the bird at mainstream gear.  It’s as if the line screams, “It’s ok to workout in Chuck Taylors and a cotton sweatshirt – it won’t affect your workout, duh.”  Roots offered multiple versions of the pullover: one standard black down to business pullover for both men and women, and another stand out loud version that sports the image of an athlete gone right, and cool. Sweatpants offer a new avenue for RooTS who has traditionally focused on upper body apparel.  But his debut sweatpants offer a step in the right direction as both the men’s and women’s versions are not to be missed.  Check back tomorrow for a full write-up on the Roots Zip-up hoodie and sweatpants.


We’ll post details on the zip-up hoodies and sweatpants tomorrow.

Pre-Order Dates: Wednesday, February 8th – Saturday, February 12th

Benefits of Pre-Order: Pre-order prices and cool colors.  All prices will increase 10% after Saturday, February 12th.  The men’s collegiate blue and women’s white are available during the pre-order only.

Pullover Hoodie Details

Men’s Fit Colors: Black with light gray logo screen print & collegiate blue with yellow logo screen print
Women’s Fit Colors: Black with lavender logo screen print & white with bright blue logo screen print

Sizing information: We are using the same sweatshirt company as last year.  There will be two sweatshirts at the shop available for try-on.  Please note, they will be last years styles.


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