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Back on the Wagon


Back on the Wagon

Back Squat 5-5-5+
tabata row (cals)

The Thanksgiving Day crew at North Boulder Park. Picture compliments of Molly - thanks!!

Back on the Wagon

The past month of your life has gone something like this…you started the WTF Challenge and stuck with it.  It was hard but not after the first few weeks and in return for your efforts you started to feel like a CrossFitting badass.  You hummed along in workouts finding a new place to push from, pounds literally fell off your body and your hips didn’t lie, and you walked the streets of Boulder with a new sense of optimism about life, health, family, and world peace.

Then the WTF Challenge ended and you maybe indulged in a cheat meal or two.  You earned it, good call. You attempted to get strict again but Thanksgiving was just three or so days in the future so the lines blurred and you vowed that after a shitshow feeding frenzy at the table on Thanksgiving Day, you would restart your style of eating that made you into a lean, mean, long-living machine. Well, now’s that time.

Get back in the rut, on the wagon, in the saddle, whatever.  Go to the grocery store today, get the crap food out of your house, make your food for the week and write down what you commit to doing over the next month. Let me emphasize the “get the crap food out of your house” piece as you will not avoid the pecan pie and ice cream as the rest of your family eats it.  Submit the rolls, the pies, and the chocolates to the compost bin.  You’re strong, I know, but not that strong.

Why should you take this post so seriously?  Because if you don’t, the holidays are here and you will find yourself 5 weeks from now, on January 1st, depressed about the humongous hurdle that stands between you and your healthy being and lamenting over the fact that 5 weeks ago you were SO on your “A game”.  We’ve all been there. Take a moment and close your eyes and think about how that day feels? The day when you realize that the holidays are over and they swiped everything that is sacred to you in the realm of health, fitness, and longevity.  Get mad, get invigorated, get stubborn, or just get pissed.

Stay in the saddle and don’t let the holidays f*!% you.

1 Response

  1. Odie

    Went for a run today and I felt like crap after a week of eating terrible food. I was low on energy and my system was going crazy. I hopped back on the wagon tonight and plan to go back to full paleo.

    Anyone else feel the same way?