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Ci-NDY, Ci-NDY, Ci-NDY and Cindy was her namo…


Ci-NDY, Ci-NDY, Ci-NDY and Cindy was her namo…

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

What just happened?! Iron Dave, Charlie, and Megan recover from Fight Gone Bad.

Benchmark Workouts Explained

It’s not uncommon to hear that a person’s first introduction to CrossFit was the workout Cindy.  Cindy is one of the benchmark girls workouts.  Benchmark workouts are one of the ways we gauge athlete progress.  Read on for more information on the benchmark series of girls and heroes.

The Girls

You’ve often heard the coaches refer to benchmark workouts in class. In most cases, these workouts are titled with a girl’s name, such as Cindy, Fran, or Grace. CrossFit defines its training program as “constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.” With a constantly varied program (one where no two days are ever the same) it could potentially be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the program as well as ones progress in all areas of fitness. That’s where the benchmark workouts come in to play. They are a variety of workouts that athletes should revisit on a recurring but spaced out basis to measure their progress.

Why girls names?

“According to the National Weather Service the use of “short, distinctive given names in written as well as spoken communications is quicker and less subject to error” than “more cumbersome” identification methods, so since 1953 storms have been assigned female given names.

This convenience and logic inspired our granting a special group of workouts women’s names, but anything that leaves you flat on your back and incapacitated only to lure you back for more at a later date certainly deserves naming.”  (CF Journal – Issue 13, September 2003)

Since 2003 many benchmark girls workouts have been added to the list. The “New Girls”, such as Annie, Nicole, and Eva, were named after some of CrossFit’s top female trainers.

The Heroes

The hero workouts are named after men who have died in combat or the line of duty at home and abroad.

7 Responses

  1. The MBS CrossFit Turkey Challenge will be held all day on Sat, Nov 19 (Sat prior to Thanksgiving).  MBS is located in Broomfield at the at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport – their gym is an airplane hangar right on the flight line.
    We had a good number of Roots Athletes compete last year in the inaugural event.  The Challenge was three workouts – 5K run, CrossFit Total, and the Turkey Wod (15 Ground to Overhead, 10 wall burpees over a 5 foot tall wall, rope climbs, 10 wall burpees, 15 Ground to Overhead).  For the Turkey WOD, they had scaled options on the weights and number of rope climbs/rope jumping pull-ups.  The same will be the case this year to encourage crossfitters of all abilities to compete. 
    Details for this year’s event here:
    The registration opens up on Monday, Oct 3.  Given how local CrossFit throw-down events have been selling out quickly, you should sign up early next week if you intend to compete as a team or individual.
    We are thinking of putting together a team(s) to compete – 5 people, either 3 women/2 men or 3 men / 2 women.
     Let us know if you are interested in being on a team.

  2. Anonymous

    Out of town – pretty bummed to not be able to join the team.  

    Out of curiosity, was the “New Girls’ “Nicole” workout named after our Nicole?

    1. Ali

      I think it’s named after Nicole Carroll.  One of CrossFit’s original “Nasty Girls.”  Go to the CrossFit main site and to the video vault – there’s a video of Nicole and *our* Zac doing the CrossFit Total.