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Fuel Your Journey Make-up Date


Fuel Your Journey Make-up Date

With a continuously running clock…
1 C&J on the minute, 2 on the 2, 3 on the 3…for as long as you can go (135/95)

Tiffany goes after Monday's workout. Nothing like thrusters and pull-ups with running to start your Monday.

Fuel Your Journey Make-up Date

The Fuel Your Journey Make-up Intake Session will be Tuesday, October 4th at 7:00pm. Please plan to be here for 1.5 hours.  This schedule is only for participants who cannot make the Kick-off Session on Friday, October 7th.

Click here to challenge details! 9 spots remaining.

5 Responses

  1. Grandpa Mojo

    Hey Nicole, I know we’ll get the details at the kick-off session, but just wondering if there will be a blood check portion this time around – and if not, can we arrange something by ourselves with that nurse who took our blood before? (I seem to recall that she did this on a regular basis for other companies.) Thanks.

  2. lynner

    hi nicole – i did send you an email but checking out multiple modes of communicay….signed up but can’t make kick-off or tuesday eve make-up. how do i go about scheduling private prior to next friday?

    1. Hi Lynn –

      I’ll be catching up on email from 9-11 tomorrow.  I will send you a few dates and times for next week.  If other athletes email me about the same subject I will CC them to see if you guys can share a time!