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Class Schedule Additions Coming Your Way!


Class Schedule Additions Coming Your Way!

Front Squat
@ 90% 1 rep max
rest exactly 2 min between sets
abmat sit-ups

Matt drops in at CrossFit Central Helsinki in Finland! Have you visited another CrossFit on your travels? Post to comments.

Class Schedule

Thanks to everyone who replied to the Saturday class schedule survey!

We’re working hard this week to overhaul the class schedule to add a lot more times both in the morning and evening, in addition to some more Saturday slots.

The coaches have a meeting tomorrow night to work through this task.  We’ll get details on the expanded schedule out asap afterward!

And, don’t forget to check out the action from this weekend’s first Regionals around the world!

5 Responses

    1. Jake, the difference is mainly in the height of the swing, I’m fairly certain. At the box I went to in Ann Arbor, we only did the Russian version, where the swing arc finishes at chest level.  The American is the one we do at Roots. 

      1. JakeDurling

        Well that’s boring. I was hoping for kettlebells made from baby seal skin and filled with crude oil, and if you finished the workout, you automatically got a coupon for McDonalds.  No such luck, huh?

        1. Yeah, I hear you. When I open a CrossFit gym in Finland, the USA swing will involve doing kettlebell swings while driving a Hummer and eating a Big Mac out of a styrofoam container.