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Fran on the Run


Fran on the Run

Run 400m
21 thruster
21 pull-ups
Run 300m
15 thruster
15 pull-ups
Run 200m
9 thruster
9 pull-ups

Arjun Push-up

Arjun getting chest to deck

CrossFit – Meet the Training Staff

Ever wonder what Nicole, Zac and Russell do on the weekends? They travel around the country teaching people about CrossFit and how to be better coaches. Why do they do it? I think this video sums it up nicely.


If this gets you as fired up as it does me, you should totally enter the essay contest for a chance to win a spot at the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course that Roots is hosting 6/30-7/1. Essays are due by COB Monday so get on it!


6 Responses

  1. JakeDurling

    Agreed – very cool video.  I’m not sure I’m qualified to coach: I don’t have an Australian accent…
    Quick question about the essay: any preference on length, format, etc.?  May seem to be a dumb question but law school profs are sticklers for “their way,” so I thought I would ask.

    1. Eric

      How ya goin’ mate?
      Jake just follow the submission guidelines at the link and you’re good. No formatting requirements.

      1. JakeDurling

        Howdy. My Yahoo account was hacked and I have therefore made the (inevitable) switch to Gmail. I can be reached at [email protected]. Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience the switch may have caused.