Back squat
5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Jennifer Quilling too 94th place in the Open making her one of the fittest women in her age category.

Jennifer Quilling (Zender) took 94th place in the Open.  Her performances placed in the top 200 women in her age category and moves her on to the Master’s Qualifier.

Congratulations Regional Qualifiers!

The 2015 CrossFit Open has come to a close.  What an experience!  We saw the full gamut of movements with everything from 1 rep-max clean to rowing and thrustering for time.  Some new movements entered the competition this year such as handstand pushups which came with a new standard and rowing returned for the second year straight.  Muscle-ups made it in the show again but unlike in years past, they came at the beginning of the WOD.  We also had the addition of a Teen and Scaled division this  year, which ensured that everyone could participate.  All-in-all I’m convinced that CrossFit did a good job of filtering out the fittest in the world.

The Friday Night Lights Series consistently made for nights of all-out electric energy.  PR’s rained from the skies every week.  Some got their first muscle-ups, others their first handstand pushup, others still a heavy barbell movement they had never done before. 

Nights were run smoothly and on-time thanks to all the Judges who volunteered their time.  We would like to think Life of Riley Foods, Jackson’s Honest, Stronger Faster Healthier, Progenex and Suerte tequila for sponsoring events and offering up some really sweet prizes and swag.

And while most of us ended our 2015 CrossFit Open season last week, a few athletes at the shop are moving onto the Regionals!  Having experienced everything they have we hope that you all will help us in congratulating and supporting them through the next phase of competition.

A BIG Roots congratulations to:

Individual Men – Southwest:

Matt Chan – 12th (237th in the world)

Individual Women – Southwest:

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet – 1st (5th in the world)

Masters Women, worldwide – 40-44:

Cherie Chan – 107th
Hillary Harris – 180th

Masters Women, worldwide – 50-54:

Marge Schreiber – 77th
Pam Walter – 78th

Masters Women, worldwide – 55-59:

Jennifer Quilling (Zender) – 94th
Alice Phinney – 101st