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CrossFit Endurance Team Kicks Off in TWO Weeks!


CrossFit Endurance Team Kicks Off in TWO Weeks!


8 rounds for time:
10 burpees
15 jumping lunges
20 DUs
25 yard shuttle sprint (5×5 yards)
90 seconds rest

Today's CrossFit Endurance class is at 4:30pm and it's open to all Roots members. Come check it out, talk to Tracie, and see if you want to throwdown on the CrossFit Endurance program.

Roots CrossFit Endurance Team kicks off in 2 weeks!

Are you still training using those same old long-slow distance training plans? Are you tired of spending excessive time training and nursing those nagging overuse injuries? Are your PRs few and far between? Are you ready to try something radically different? This is not your average running group or training plan. It is a revolutionary way to train for endurance events and it will change the way you train and perform forever.

We’ve got an awesome group of people signed up for the dedicated CrossFit Endurance program that kicks off on March 6. There are still a few spots available, so if you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time to sign up.

Not sure if the program is for you?

CFE is for anyone that wants to improve their endurance performance. If you are training for a running event from a mile to ultra-marathons, this program will overhaul your training and take your performance to the next level. If you are a biker, triathlete, or adventure racer, CrossFit Endurance will launch your overall fitness in preparation for your event. If you are a CrossFitter that likes to run (or hates to run), CFE merges all that you love about CrossFit with a focus on endurance capacity. While this will be a challenging program requiring an “all-in” commitment, it will also be a massively supportive program with a team environment. All abilities are welcome.

How does it work?

The CrossFit Endurance program at Roots will last 12 weeks and kicks off on March 6. You must sign up for the Roots CFE team to participate in the program. It is a progressive, comprehensive program that takes over your training for the next 3 months. The Roots CFE team will meet 4 times/per week for coached workouts. Two of those workouts will be run-based and will meet in various locations. Two of the workouts will be Strength and Conditioning-based (think CrossFit WOD with an endurance bias) and meet at Roots. Team members will also have access to regular WODs to round out their training as well as nutrition and mobility support. This is the WHOLE ENCHILADA!

When are workouts?

The schedule is below. To participate in the program, you must be able to make 3 of the 4 sessions/week on a regular basis. Each week builds on the previous work, so it’s important to be there! Some of you are thinking already that 5:30 AM is early. It is. This program is not easy and it requires commitment. Team members will have access to all workouts and can make up missed workouts at Open Shop or with other Team members outside of regular workouts.

Monday 12:00 (Team only) and 4:30 (open to all Roots members)

Wednesday 5:30 (Strength and Conditioning) and 12:00 (CFE Running)

Friday 5:30 (Strength and Conditioning)

Still have questions? Send Tracie an email at tracie @ Don’t miss out!

Post questions to comments.

7 Responses

  1. Odie

    Finally I signed up for the Open.  We have a total of 64 people signed up for the open and that’s awesome…but only 44 of those people are actually on “Team Roots”.  

    Everyone should look on the right side of their profile page under the team tab and click to join team Roots!  Don’t know if it actually matters, but may you have a problem counting your reps towards the roots team.

    1. Chris Dizon

      Here are the folks who have registered under the Roots Affiliate but have yet to put themselves on the Roots Team:  

       Andrew Wax Brett Goulder

       Caitlin Durling

       Chris Hansen

       hillary harris

       Jacob Fojtik

       Jason mmanuel

       Jennifer uilling

       Karin Susskind

       Kevin Kinnear

       Lindsay Landis

       Mariah Quish

       Megan cGavock

       Rachel Parker

       Ryan LandisThe Green Pine The Green Dragon Pine

       Wendy Ball

       Whitney heeless