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Fall Food Challenge! – Mark Your Calendars.


Fall Food Challenge! – Mark Your Calendars.

Reminder!  Stronger, Faster, Healthier visits Roots today from 6:30-11:30am.  Come by to talk fish oil and sample SFH products!  AND 9 Roots women are headed to the Girls Gone RX competition.  Check the comments on TODAY’S post for all the details including location and heat times!

Behind the neck push press
Front squat

Efficient rope climbing: if your legs are moving, your arms should be straight and hanging. If you are arms are climbing, your feet should be locked in a hold. Practice it!

Fall Food Challenge – Mark Your Calendars.

Announcing the 2012 Fall Food Challenge at Roots.

Read below for ALL the details so you can mark your calendars for the informational meetings, sign-up, prep week, and kick-off.

Check it!

This fall’s challenge comes at you in TEAMS OF THREE.  That’s right.  It’s a team challenge!  The six-week challenge will test and reward athletes who can eat Paleo and help their teammates do the same.  Teams will earn points by following the guidelines set out in the challenge meetings and packet.  Read on for important dates.

INTAKE WEEK: Sunday, September 30th to Friday, October 5
Challenge information and overview meetings and Athlete Intake sessions.

1. Challenge Information and Overview Meeting (attend one!): Sunday, September 30th at 6:30pm OR Tuesday, October 2nd at 6:00pm.  During these sessions we’ll detail the how and why behind our recommended style of eating as well as layout all the guidelines, rules, and structure of the challenge.
2. Athlete Intake Session: come to one of TWO intake days: Wednesday, October 3rd or Friday, October 5th.  Intake session includes Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing, body measurements, markers, and pictures.

CHALLENGE CALENDAR: Wednesday, October 10 through Wednesday, November 21st
The challenge is six weeks in length!  

CHALLENGE OVERVIEW (extensive details provided at meeting)
The challenge is six weeks in length.  Athletes will choose between one of two challenge levels.  Team members do not have to choose the same level.  Athletes will make their own teams.  Free agent athletes will list their name on a clipboard at the front of the shop starting next week and then find/contact potential teammates.

Challenge participants will receive an extensive informational packet including the challenge outline and weekly meal plans as well as set-up instructions for Google Docs.  The packet and information session will answer all your questions about cashews, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, alcohol, cheat meals, and dried fruit.

Over the course of the six weeks athletes will be required to log their food via Google Docs and will receive feedback from a designated coach.  Each coach will be assigned to work with three teams (nine people).  Athletes will also have access to a Google Group dedicated to the food challenge, questions, and recipes.

Each week one coach will offer one special session for challenge participants including additional workouts, cooking classes, lectures, and outings.

Athletes will earn points for perfect food logs and improved indicators at the end of the six weeks.  The coaches can also be bought, so money under the table will also earn teams points (just kidding!).

Athletes will earn points two ways – what they eat (and log) and improved body composition markers at the end of the 6 weeks.

The cost for the challenge is $180.  Athletes can choose to participate in the challenge for $120 by forgoing the Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing.  Athletes, and the teams they are a part of, who choose to forgo this component of the challenge are not eligible to win the challenge.  

Challenge sign-up opens Monday, September 17th at 8:00am.  We will post the link to the sign-up on the post for the day.  The challenge is limited to 12 teams (48 people).  Athletes will register individually.  Once registered, email us with your team members names and team name.  Your team name is important!  You’ll find out why soon enough…

Questions?  Post to comments!

12 Responses

  1. Lucie

    So, I can’t make EITHER of the first intro/info sessions on Sunday or Tuesday. Is there a way to make up for it and still sign up?

    1. Lucie, if you can’t make an intro session you can still do the challenge. Once registered, you will be able to pick-up the challenge packet for review.
      The purpose of the intro session is to go through the packet, answer questions, and make sure everyone understands the “how to.” It will be your responsibility to read the packet, ask questions of your teammates and coaches to make sure you start the challenge correctly and don’t lose points!
      You will need to make sure to get in for the Athlete Intake session. Attendance on one of those days is mandatory.

  2. Girls Gone RX Heat Times!
    Morning Session:
    9:00am – RootUp (Lucie, Tracie, Nicole)
    9:30 – Burpees for Bitches (Hillary, Meredith, Shayna)
    9:40 – Root Down (Laura, Tiffany, Paula)
    Afternoon Session:
    12:00 – Roots Up
    1:30 – Burpees for Bitches
    2:00 – Root Down
    Final Session: Starts at 2:30pm, workout announced at 8:00am Saturday

    1. Molly

      Good luck ladies! I never got added from the waitlist. I won’t be able to come cheer you on anyway though because I got a new puppy this week. She is still too little to be left alone very long. Kill it!! Go Roots!