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Fight Gone Bad is in TWO Days


Fight Gone Bad is in TWO Days

Zac Pine’s Gymnastics Total!
Max Rep Pull-ups
Max Rep HSPU
Max Time L-sit
Max Height Box Jump
add up reps, time in seconds, and height in inches

Last night Peter knocked out a 5:00 minute plank hold. Legit!

Fight Gone Bad – DO IT!

It’s coming.  The fundraising event of the year. Get your calves ready for this fun and intense workout that inspires folks to lay it all on the line for the following charities: Special Operations Warrior Foundation, CrossFit Kids and the Infant Swimming Resource, and Camp Patriot.
For more information and background on the fundraiser, click here.
For the quick and dirty low down on how to participate, read here:
  • Who: all CrossFit Roots athletes who want to do Fight Gone Bad.  We will absolutely have scaling options.
  • What: The CrossFit communities’ annual Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser
  • When: Thursday, September 15th from 5:00-7:30pm
  • Where: CrossFit Roots
  • Why: to raise money for a number of great charities, to do the Fight Gone Bad workout, and to hang out mix and mingle with the awesome athletes at Roots
  • How: come do the work, bring a drink to share, and hang out afterwards to socialize for a bit
Questions?  Post to comments!

Have you done the Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser before?  What’s one thing you would tell a newbie who is not sure if they should participate?  Post to comments.


4 Responses

  1. The best part about the FGB Fundraiser, for me, is that I always seem to be able to push myself harder than I thought I could.  There’s a great vibe at this workout and people do some amazing things!

  2. Molly Molter

    One tip that I find helpful is that I use the row as a mini-recovery.  I get the least points (calories) from the row so it doesn’t help or hurt my score too much.  I also like to start with wall-ball because that is my weakest movement.  Wish I could join in on the fun! I’ll be there cheering everyone on though!

  3. Davis Hart

    Looking at the physics of each movement, the push press requires the least work while the SDHP requires the most…. Box jumps allow you to store spring energy in your Achilles tendon which is good.

  4. Fraseronly

    Crossfit has a several epic workouts. FGB is one of them, none of the exercises are particularly hard, everyone can press an empty bar, throw a med ball, row, jump on a box, and pick up a barbell. This WOD is your chance to do an epic workout, raise some money for several good causes, if you have not heard of the wounded warrior project, you should learn about it. You should also research why its called FGB, its interesting. This WOD allows you to push your limits, dance with the devil, go “all in” and learn something about yourself and the other CF folks around the world. Step up to the challenge, you will be sore afterwards but you will be glad you did. FGB during the year isnt the same as this particular time.