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Fight Gone Bad Recap


Fight Gone Bad Recap



50 Strict Pull-ups
100 Push-ups, release hands from floor at the bottom
Run 5K

Click on “Run 5K” to see the 5K route.

Sid and Tracy take home the overall male and female wins in the Roots 2010 Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser.


Fight Gone Bad was a blast!  Thanks to everyone who came out to participate, cheer-on, count, and hang out for the morning.

We raised over $3,300 and still have a few donations trickling in!

2010 Fight Gone Bad Winners:
Overall Male and Female: Sid Bittman and Tracy Emmanuel
Under 30 Male and Female: John Lipp and Sarah Logan
30-40 Male and Female: Chad Schroeder and Tracy Holcomb
40 and Over Male and Female: Chris Dizon (no females over 40 as R’xd)
Top Overall Scaled FGB: Kathy Nicholson 
Top Fundraiser: Mary Campbell

Thanks to The Cup for its generous donation of coffee and gluten-free goodies.  Thanks to Allen for supplying all of the great prizes.  Thanks to June for organizing such a great event!

Quick note – IF you did FGB and are on a limited membership, this class DID NOT count against your 12!

14 Responses

  1. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out and participated. That was a fun Saturday morning!

    Make sure you check-out the new Roots link titled ‘Roots Photo Albums.’ You know how the coaches are always taking lots of pictures yet only one pic ever makes it to the post each day? Check out our new fix for this! Lots of albums coming your way this week!

  2. Chris D

    Thank you Nicole and the Roots team. FGB was a fund time and especially rewarding knowing that others are benefiting! Thanks to everyone who counted for us and to everyone who cheered us on. You all rock!


  3. We have the papers if you would like yours. Here are the totals everyone:
    June Shelp 160
    Christine Suchor 163
    Alex Chaux 185
    Blakely Graham 194
    Carly Stillman 199
    Chris Hansen 202
    Sarah Logan 212
    Jon Woodard 227
    Carolyn Aibel 230
    Erik Fredricson 237
    Molly Molter 238
    Kathy Woolwine 253
    Dave Heal 254
    Mary Campbell 257
    Tracie Holcomb 258
    Kathy Nicholson 259
    Scott Graham 261
    Colin Donahue 262
    Tracy Emmanuel 268
    Walker Savage 273
    Tom Holcomb 276
    Chad Schroeder 283
    Chris Dizon 303
    John Lipp 391
    Sid Bittman 399

  4. Dear Lawrence,

    It was recently brought to our attention that you used the non-erasable marker to track your lifts and write-up your PR on our precious whiteboards. While this is usually a sin punishable by death, we are so happy to have you back at the shop that we will let it slide just this one time.

    Your Coaches

    P.S. Nice job this morning.

  5. Lawrence

    I only used the non-erasable because I plan plateau all my lifts for at least 6 months.

    On the bright side I have a fix for this and all will be well with the whiteboard in the morning.

  6. Chris Hansen

    Wasn’t planning on working out tonight, but when I saw the running portion I pretty much had to sign up. – Need all the “practice” I can get! 🙂

  7. Chris "Caps" Craighill

    Can we do the pushups during the run? Seems like a more efficient use of time. Hit a stoplight? Do some pushups!

  8. fraser

    So bummed to miss FGB, I think it is my favorite WOD especially on the day of the fundraiser. Our plane didnt arrive back at DIA until the sweat and hard work was a faint memory for you folks. Glad to be back in Boulder. Salads are my friend. British beer hand drawn at cellar temp is hard to beat though. People look at you funny if you even think of a Nor Cal Marg.

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