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Food Chalk Talk at 6pm Today!


Food Chalk Talk at 6pm Today!

150 wallballs for time.

Fun times at Get Tanked!

Food Chalk Talk at 6pm Today!

Come learn about CrossFit’s approach to food and fueling today at 7am or 6pm.  If you’re signed up for the Look Good Naked Challenge, the last 15 minutes of the hour are for challenge overview and questions!

8 Responses

  1. Lucie

    Nicole, did you really avoid posting the WOD the entire day because you thought no one would show up for Karen?!?!?! (Well…I would have definitely thought harder about coming…) PS: Sweet pic:)

    1. Ha!  No, I really didn’t!  I got home late on Sunday night and didn’t get the post cued for the next morning – and then I forgot to put it up until the afternoon.  But it did work well in getting folks to come in for Karen!  Hm….

  2. Nicole, you look like the love child of Superman & Wonder Woman!! (Note: this is a compliment, coming from someone who grew up ADORING both these characters). 
    Now, on to this bodyfat thing. True confessions: who knew letting air out of one’s lungs could be so exhausting?? True confessions #2: it would really help if someone, anyone, even Shane’s canine companion, would PLEASE tell me that “healthy” is ok, and there is no need to go drown myself in a pint of Chubby Hubby just because the numbers didn’t come back saying “Athletic”?!  I still get to call myself a CF “athlete” though right??!

    1. Cal, those classifications are completely bogus.  Anyone can say this bf% is athletic and that one isn’t.  What is important is where you are now, where you want to be, and where you take yourself over the next couple of weeks.