5×5 back squat
2×8 toes to bar
8:00 minute AMRAP
2 deadlifts
4 burpees
8 KB swing


5 Foods You Should Never Ditch When You Diet
June sent this to us.  It’s funny.  We’re not sure how she came across the article but it sure gave us a good laugh over lunch.  Why do we think it’s funny?  We’ll break down 1-5 over the next week.  But first, let’s start with the title.  Diets are a gimmick.  Our aim is to give you tools, resources, and information to realize an eating plan for life.  One that is grounded in real food and that delivers on long term health.  Every food you eat has a positive or negative affect on your long term health, day to day operation, and performance.  With what would you choose to fuel your body?