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Tabata protocol:
Air Squat
Sprint (run)
:20 work/:10 rest. Complete all 8 rounds of one exercise before moving on to the next. Score is total reps accumulated. Run rep counts if you make it back to where you started.

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PARIS — Portland-Born, Boulder-based designer Stefanie Christensen is really hitting her stride, as seen in her summer 2013 collection shown today at Roots Fashion Week.

The look: Loudly rebellious. A daytime workout wardrobe with a subtle punk edge.  Standard men’s tees in blue and sporting a high quality poly-cotton blend made for a summery  look that screamed pair me with some black board shorts and let me do Murph.  Women’s tanks made a debut alongside sculpted shoulders and bare biceps – black and orange color options said sleek and hot and loud and proud.   And the women’s flowy shirt let everyone know that Christensen’s line has you covered for those late cool nights at the Cool Cruel Summer series.  And finally, NEON UNISEX TANKS.  Christensen paired CrossFit’s fitness forward mentality with the fashion forward unisex neon tank.

The inspiration: “Mountain surf silhouettes on a canvas of high quality fibers, utility and cool fitness independence.”

The verdict:  Christensen is carving out a real niche for herself with sweatable everyday get-ups that are anything but ordinary.

Roots’ radical new summer gear is available for pre-order now at the front desk!

Men’s Surf Tee – $24
Next Level Apparel CVC Crew. 60% Cotton / 40% Poly. Sizes S-XL
Women’s Surf Tank – $24
Bella Sheer Mini Rib Racerback Tank. 98% Cotton 2% Spandex. Sizes S-XL (Samples will be available to try beginning Friday afternoon)
NEON! Unisex Surf Tank – $24 (PRE-ORDER ONLY!)
American Apparel Unisex Poly Cotton Tank. 50% Cotton /50% Poly. Sizes XS-XL. Note – This is unisex sizing.
Women’s Flowy Long Sleeve Tee – $36
Bella Women’s Flowy Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Tee. 65% Poly 35% Viscose. Sizes S-XL. (Samples will be available to try beginning Friday afternoon)
Women’s Basic Tank – $24 
Bella Sheer Mini Rib Racerback Tank. 98% Cotton 2% Spandex. Sizes S-XL (Samples will be available to try starting Friday afternoon)
Pre-order runs through Wednesday, May 22nd.

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    1. Stef

      I have to give credit to the awesome design teams at Grenadier and Anthem Branding. I’m more of what you would call the inspiration director or design coordinator 🙂

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