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In-House Olympic Weightlifting Meet Saturday


In-House Olympic Weightlifting Meet Saturday

Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
11 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
2 Deadlifts, 315 pounds
10 Handstand push-ups

Quite the crew! From left to right: Shane, Zac, Russell, Nicole, Tracie, and Chris at the CrossFit Coaches Prep Course this weekend at CrossFit Roots.

In-House Olympic Weightlifting Meet

Get your Oly on!

Roots is gearing up to host the 2nd annual In-House Oly Meet. This is a great opportunity to compete locally in an Olympic Weightlifting competition – hello new PRs.  All USAW rules will apply, except being required to wear a singlet (although we definitely encourage those who want to wear one!).  Whether you want to set new PRs for your snatch and clean & jerk, experience a competition environment, or just cheer on your fellow Roots, sign up at Roots today for an exciting day of lifting!

What: Roots 2nd Annual In-House Oly Meet

When: March 10, 2012

Where: The Platforms at CrossFit Roots

Time: 10:30am – 1:00pm

Other: Warmup and weigh-ins begin at 10am.  All competitors must be present for the pre-meet meeting at 10:45. The lifting will commence at 11am!  Sign-up now on the Oly Meet clipboard at Roots.

Open to members and non-members. Free to members.  $20 for non-members.




7 Responses

  1. Hi all – please note the changes to the class schedule starting this week: 
    – 7am on Wednesdays added to the schedule
    – 8am on Tuesday and Thursdays cancelled, Wednesday at 8am may make it back to the schedule next week
    – Power Hour on Tuesday nights cancelled


  2. Amy Santamaria

    Yay for Oly meets!  Re. the schedule, any plans for adding a second Power Hour at a different day/time?  

  3. If you want to see what an Oly competition (officially) looks like, you can go here:  The link for the video is under each days schedule.  The Big Dudes are early on Saturday the 3rd and some seriously strong ladies (who are TINY ) go afterwards.  It is AMAZING how strong everyone is in this competition.  You can just fast forward through the videos and watch a few lifts.  Its pretty inspiring.   Also, I did last years Oly meet and it was a blast.  You aren’t doing it to win really, but to get a PR!  Come compete!!!! It is very motivating.

  4. Odie

    Damn good lookin group right there…but who’s that guy on the right who’s definitely not very athletic?
    Everyone with any interest should do the Oly meet on Saturday.  Gonna be super fun…take it from someone that doesn’t even do much Oly, but is still gonna be there!