The 2019 CrossFit Open Version 2.0 is just around the corner and without further ado, we want to introduce you to our dynamite lineup of team captains.

Cue Eye of the Tiger…

Jamie Dawson

An avid 5:30AMer and member since June 2010, Jamie knows his way around The Open and has what it takes to steer his team to greatness.

Sarah Fezler

She’s given birth to 3 children in a span of 5 years. Need we say more? Sarah knows how to mix the fun with the get shit done and has been on a tear the past year crushing workouts, career, and life in general.

Julie Wood

The Open relies heavily on testing the second tier of the CrossFit pyramid. Good news for Julie is that she’s well-versed in metabolic conditioning! Coming through the doors since 2011, Julie is an avid runner and CrossFitter with a mouth to back it up.

Josh Haimes – The Commissioner

What intramural league would be complete without a commissioner? Introducing, Josh Haimes. Hailing from the 6pm class, Josh has logged 5 years and hundreds of workouts. He’ll be negotiating media contracts for the league, dishing out fines and penalties, and handing out one-off competitions where teams can earn more points.

Sign-up by Wednesday!

To take part in the fun, you must be signed up in MBO (it’s Free) so that we can create our teams before the start of The Open on Friday. Not sure what’s going on? Read here or here.