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Jump Ropes Are In!


Jump Ropes Are In!

Three rounds, 12-9- and 6 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat clean and jerk

Jump Ropes

The exciting news is that jump ropes have arrived!  We’ll replace the shop ropes for general use this weekend.  We’d appreciate it if you took care of these ropes by not tying knots in them or using them outdoors.  If you’d like your own personal rope, we have ropes for sale for $26.00 a piece.  They come with two rope cords for easy replacement and can be cut to your exact measurements.  Plus, you can keep them at the shop or take them home with you!

Click here to purchase online and pick-up at the shop!

The Dave Whisperer

Many have asked, so here it is, for your viewing entertainment!

Click here.

8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Newsletter comes out Friday!  Complete with details on the updated Fall Class schedule (more classes!), the 2 year anniversary party, the nutrition chalk talk, the fall competition schedule, and the new equipment.  And we mean A LOT of new equipment!

    1. Ben

      Sweet, fall competition schedule…just in time for me to move back to Seattle 🙁 How often will I have to fly to Boulder to train?!

  2. Bones

    Did our Queen of Crossfit/Muscleup Maven/Web Wondermistress actually write the words “Squat Clean” in the title to this workout?  I’m nonplussed and speechless.  Unless, of course, that portion of the workout consists of three separate moves – a squat, then a clean,and then a jerk.

    1. Anonymous

      Dear Bones, King of Discussion,

      I did in fact type the words “squat clean.”  I understand the shocking nature of this terminology. What in fact is a squat clean?  Is it a new term that refers to a new technique of cleaning your floors while in a squatted position?  Does it refer to coming clean (on an emotional level) about something you’ve done while holding the bottom of a squat?  No, none of the above.  It refers to the squat depth expected during the movement of the clean & jerk.  No power cleans here.

      While I know I have brought the Oly world to tears with my words, I feel that there is no question of what is expected of our dear athletes for this workout.  Ground to overhead just wouldn’t do for today.  You guys are better than that!


  3. Roots pals: apologies in advance for spamming today’s comments, but I have an extra ticket to My Morning Jacket & Amos Lee at Red Rocks tonight. Holla if you want it!

  4. grandpamojo

    Loved the “Dave Whisperer” video – thanks for putting that up. – I also took the time to watch the men’s beach event video and the “This is Sick” video… – Man! that looks like it was a blast to be there… – and never mind the competitors… that is the FITTEST crowd I’ve ever seen anywhere!