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Kipping Clinic Next Friday.


Kipping Clinic Next Friday.

Run 800 meters
15 Hang squat snatch
Run 800 meters
15 Squat snatch from mid-thigh
Run 800 meters
15 Squat snatch

Collin has his kipping pull-ups down. Are kipping pull-ups cramping your style?

Are Kipping Pull-ups Cramping Your Style?

Nicole will hold a kipping pull-up clinic on Friday, October 21st.  Registration for this class is required so please sign-up for the class on MBO. Direct link here.

This clinic will focus on the basics of the kipping pull-up (not the butterfly) and will also incorporate the use of bands.

See you there!

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      1. Grandpa Mojo

        Can you sign a note telling my company I don’t have to go to Cleveland (AGAIN!) ? – I’d rather do the kipping clinic… 🙂