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Last Paleo Kit and SFH Pre-Order in 2012!


Last Paleo Kit and SFH Pre-Order in 2012!

Front squat
Build to a heavy single over five reps.  Decrease load to 70% of heaviest single and start sets of 3s increasing load each set.  Decrease load to 50% of heaviest single and work through 2 sets of 5.  All percentages based on heaviest single reached that day.

Ring of fire.

Last Paleo Kit and SFH Pre-Order in 2012!

The last Paleo Kit and Stronger, Faster, Healthier pre-order of 2012 is underway.  Stop by the front desk to fill out an order form.

What’s the benefit of pre-ordering?  For Paleo Kit orders, you received a 10% discount and do not have to pay shipping.  For Stronger, Faster, Healthier orders you do not have to pay shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions About SFH and Pre-Order

1. Don’t you guys keep this stuff in stock?  Why should I pre-order?
We do keep a number of SFH and PaleoKit items in stock; however, more flavors and items are available through pre-order such as the Paleo Krunch Bars and additional SFH fish oil and protein powder flavors.  PaleoKit pre-orders get a 5% discount and free shipping.  SFH orders get free shipping.

2. What is a PaleoKit?
A Paleo Kit is a prepackaged vacuum sealed bag of beef jerky, dried fruit, and nuts.  It’s a perfect on the go snack that delivers both fantastic quality and quantity.

3. Do I need protein powder?  Do you recommend it?
Protein powder is a desirable option to a lot of athletes who are looking for an easy, on the go meal creation or who are looking for a quick post workout recovery method.  Should it be a staple of your diet?  Probably not.  Is it a great tool?  Yes.

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Learn more about Steve’s Club, the great work that they do, and PaleoKits here.

Pre-order runs now through Saturday.

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