Oh hey, CrossFit Roots! See below for some important updates to the Late Cancel policy!
Effective immediately, CrossFit Roots is changing our late cancel policy! 
First, it is worth noting the reason for the policy at all! Here at CrossFit Roots we pride ourselves on keeping our class size small. This requires:

  • Class reservations;
  • Routine monitoring of class demand; and
  • Bringing in that on-call coach (hello, 5:30AM party town!).

Unfortunately, last minute cancels threaten the health of the system from pushing out people who wanted (and could) attend to staffing unnecessary classes. Just like any appointment you have with other businesses, the class reservation is vital to us and to your fellow athletes!
Currently, the policy in your membership agreement states that a “late cancel” is within 12 hours of a class reservation. We recognize that particularly for an appointment you have multiple days a week, plans and priorities may change quickly for various and understandable reasons. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the “late cancel” window to 2 hours to be more flexible for your schedules (NOT to drive ease of cherry picking!).
With this change, however, we will be strict on enforcing the $10 late cancellation fee. We feel that 2 hours is a short enough window to know whether you are attending a class. It also is a large enough window to allow a person to sign-up and take an open spot in class. Of course, some true emergencies will be excused without penalty. There is also the scenario where you may late cancel a class by coming to an earlier class that has room (e.g., showing up at 4P instead of 5P). In these off cases, talk to the coach to make the necessary changes to avoid additional fees.
Note, no shows are equivalent to a late cancel. This means it is imperative, and the responsibility of the athlete, to check themselves in at the iPad for every class they attend. Please ask a coach if you need help with this.
The membership contracts in MBO will be updated to reflect the policy change on March 1. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].
Please note that the 2 hour cancellation policy applies to group class sign-ups only, and not private training sessions which will maintain a 24-hour cancellation window.