Dear Roots Crew, 

Thank you for signing up for the Lazy Macros Challenge. We want nothing more than to support your in-depth dedication to this food challenge over the next four weeks. We want to help ensure you get your veggies during this time and to alleviate the number of trips you need to make to the store for perishable items. 

As part of registering for the challenge, we are so pleased to announce a very special partnership with Boulder Kitchen Collective.

Boulder Kitchen Collective will be offering a Grams CSA. That’s right, a box of fresh organic fruits and vegetables along with a little meat and eggs delivered directly to your door. 

What’s in the Box? Similar to a CSA, the box will include vegetables, fruit, a starch, such as a root vegetable, 2 pounds grass-fed local meat, eggs, and a spice blend. 

What Does a Sample Box Look Like?*

• 4-5 sweet potatoes (hopefully, yams)
• 3-4 onions
• 2-3 garlic bulbs
• 1-2 lbs. fresh greens 
• 1 lb. sunchokes (will post the recipe!)
• 1 ginger root (for the immunity!)*
• 2-3 lemons
• 16 oz. container strawberries 
• 5-6 bananas
• 2 lbs. grass-fed ground beef (Parker Pastures)
• 1 dozen pasture-raised eggs 
• 3 oz. spice blend

Will it Be The Same Every Week? The exact contents will not be the same every week but you can count on roughly 10-12 pounds of fresh, organic, fruits and vegetables alongside 2 pounds of grass-fed and local meat as well as 1 dozen local eggs. Or, in grams language, each box will contain roughly 4500+ of edible grams!

Where Can it Be Delivered? We deliver within 5 miles of the shop as well as South Boulder and Gunbarrel. If you’re outside these areas, please reach out and we will see if there is a solution. 

How Does it Work?
1.  Sign-up on this very high tech Google spreadsheet to let us know you’re in. We need at least 12 people to sign-up to make it happen.
2. We’ll email you directly with a link to pay for the month of food and delivery.*

* Please note, that in order to make this work, we will not be able to do week to week orders and will instead ask for a one-month commitment. 

Recipes We’ll post a weekly recipe on the blog to help guide you with your more interesting items.

Cost $500 w/meat and eggs, $425 w/o meat and eggs (plus a few extra veggies) includes all 4 weeks (4 deliveries) and includes the cost of delivery.