Hey Roots Crew,

I wanted to check-in and say HI and also update you on all of the various things going on. Please take a moment to read through the list so you can take advantage of all that is going on at Roots. As always, we’re here for you so if you have questions about anything listed below, please shoot me an email at nicole @ crossfitroots.com.

While we know that your fitness and health is our priority, we also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all that is going on in the world. We know that this has affected each of you in different ways as we learn new routines, care for loved ones, and adjust.

I’ll start off by saying that we miss you! We miss the whiteboard banter, hanging out, and throwing down in class. I know I speak for all of the coaches when I say that this short stint of the start of our time apart has just reinforced to us how much we love what we do and the athletes that we have the opportunity to coach. So thank you.

While the current situation is far from ideal, we’re here to help.

State-Mandated 45 Day Closure

Yesterday, Governor Polis extended the mandatory closing of all gyms and restaurants. We will send out an update regarding the additional days of closure. We appreciate your patience over the weekend and will get back to you with a gym-wide update on Monday.

Open-Air Workouts

We have chosen to pause the open-air workouts at least through this weekend until we receive updated information from the state and the City of Boulder. As you know, our desire to run open-air workouts is only through being able to do it responsibly under the current circumstances. We appreciate your understanding.

30-Minute 1-on-1 Zoom Performance or Nutrition Check-in

We will send a separate link to schedule your 30-minute check-ins. We are very excited about the opportunity to chat 1-on-1 with you.

Equipment Loan Program

As promised, we have launched an equipment loan program. Pick-up began Friday (today) and will continue through Sunday. Once the first phase of the equipment loan is completed we will compile what is available and schedule additional time for pick-up if needed.

You can read more about it here.

30% Off ALL Food and Supplement Products

Need some protein powder to get you through? How about a case of Fuel For Fire? Or maybe some MUSH or a case of FitAid? Perishables are 30% off. We’ve got you covered.

Lazy Macros Challenge

The challenge kicks off on MONDAY! This challenge is free to members so sign-up NOW!

Details and sign-up link here.

Grams Box CSA

Registered for the food challenge but nervous about those trips to the grocery store for perishable items? We’re here to help.

Read more here.

Kids and Teens Class

Next week we will offer a virtual Kids and Teens class via our private Facebook page. Details will be sent out via email as well as posted on the blog and reposted to SugarWOD and Facebook. Stay tuned for details.


We are making every effort to communicate with you and SugarWOD is the PLACE TO BE for this. We collect all of the details from the day and week in SugarWOD so please take the time to read the announcements and links so you’re in the know (we also understand that you have a lot going on!).