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Meet Your Team! – Women


Meet Your Team! – Women


3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50-lb. dumbbell squat clean, 30 reps
30 burpees

Word on the street is that Sylvia did all 100 pull-ups in Murph on Sunday.  Nice work!

Word on the street is that Sylvia did all 100 pull-ups in Murph on Sunday. Nice work!

Meet Your Team! – Women

Yesterday we introduced you to your 2014 CrossFit Regionals team on the men’s side.  Today, we introduce you to the women (all Moms) of your team.

Abby came to Roots in the summer of 2012 from CrossFit Conjugate in Cincinnati, although the coaches got to know her over a few years as she and her husband Drew visited Colorado frequently.  She found CrossFit in 2008 and her gymnastics background helped her off to a great start.  In 2011 she took a break from CrossFit to have their beautiful little girl, Dyer, now 3.  She quickly got back at it and in 2012, finished 9th overall at the Central East Regional.  At 5’2″ and 132 pounds don’t let her small figure fool you – she comes to play.  Abby’s determination through a shoulder injury that sidelined her in 2013 and the resulting commitment to full rehabilitation of the joint is an incredible example of what’s possible when you stick to the plan and do the work.  It might surprise you to know that just 2 months before the start of the 2014 Open, Abby was overhead squatting with an empty PVC pipe for all workouts.  Outside of training, she’s wife to Drew of five years, Mom to Dyer, and the owner of a food goods company, Life of Riley Foods which specializes in paleo-friendly products.  You can follow Abby throughout the weekend on Twitter @LoRFoods and instagram @lifeofrileyfoods.

Cindy first found CrossFit on July 30, 2011.  She remembers the exact date because her CrossFit career started with one of the most heinous CrossFit workouts ever to walk the planet – Kalsu.  It’s amazing she kept going after that intro but it’s a good thing she did because she is one of the most talented athletes around.  At 37 years old (she thinks), 5’6″, and 145 pounds, she has put together an impressive CrossFit career in a short time.  In 2012 she finished 12th in the Southwest Region.  You can read more about that impressive finish and journey there HERE.  She has the heart of a lion and reminds the team through countless examples of what it means to push yourself to the next level.  When not training, Cindy and her partner of 15 years, Julie (who just started Oly Club at Roots!) are Moms to some of the cutest kids around – Kyan, 9 and Keaton, 7.  And while their kids may complain about the Paleo dinners they have most nights of the week, they also enjoy the time together.  Cindy owns a small consulting firm that specializes in content management systems and work fluctuates in intensity depending on the contracts but she also has a long-term client at DHA (Defense Health Agency) which requires onsite presence throughout the week. Cindy is too busy for that instagram stuff:)

Nicole’s first attempt to try CrossFit was really a ploy to try and get now husband Eric Christensen to go out with her.  Somehow it all worked out and seven years later she is the owner of Roots and her last name is Christensen.  Nicole began competing in CrossFit in 2009 and has finished in the top ten in the Southwest Region in three out of five years (she did not compete in 2013 because she was pregnant).  While she enjoys the competition scene, her dream has always been to go to Regionals on a team knowing herself and that she doesn’t seem to feel pain when laying it on the line with others.  At 5’5″ and 137lbs, Nicole’s swimming background has helped her excel at anything pulling.  Nicole coaches classes and works individually with a number of athletes, is a flowmaster for the CrossFit Level 1 and Coaches Prep Course seminars, and commentates for CrossFit Media.  When not working, you can find Nicole on her front porch cuddling with her 7-month old daughter Harriet.

Hillary came to CrossFit in 2011.  Nicole remembers her first session because she wasn’t sure if Hillary would come back after she had made the workout look easy.  Hillary then started spending the ten or so minutes before or after class to work on various skills and with a little form and technique beating from the coaches, has molded herself into a top-notch athlete.  At 5’3″ and 128lbs Hillary finished 80th worldwide this season in the CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier in the 40-44 year old age class.  In that competition she turned in a 9:34 Amanda time which would have put her 8th overall in the world when the workout was first introduced at the 2010 CrossFit Games.  From handstand push-ups to bar muscle-ups and everything in-between she has worked her way to repping them out with ease.    When not at Roots she runs a taxi service all over Boulder.  She and her husband Brian have two hooligans, a pug, a guniea pig!




6 Responses

  1. Eric Christensen

    Bad Ass Women!
    Nicole’s and my first CrossFit WOD together was Diane. She finished an overly scaled version in about 3 minutes while I labored under a much too heavy barbell for a very long time. She still married me!

  2. MollyMo1982

    Way to go Sylvia!
    Go Roots Team!! I’ve enjoyed reading all your bios and why you joined CF. You are all truly inspirational and I wish you the best of luck this weekend! Now let’s DO THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maggie

    yahoo! it’s super amazing and inspiring to be part of roots with such strong, positive, and team oriented women and men representing us in regionals. it’s been killer watching you train – I know it’s gonna pay off! Kick ass!