10 minute AMRAP:
9 wall ball (14/10)
9 OHS (75/55)
then: 30 minutes of mobility work

Chad's 111lb. weighted pull-up.

Chad's 111lb. weighted pull-up.

Halloween and The Celebration of Type II Diabetes

Halloween has two components: dressing up in costume and candy. I’m all for the first one and can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes tomorrow but the second one makes me see Halloween as a celebration of Type II Diabetes and a whole host of other diseases. Nothing good will come from the candy you consume.

Take candy corn for example.  Invented in the 1800s candy corn is a slow churned mixture of sugar, corn syrup, honey, preservatives, and artificial colors.  After it hardens it’s covered in edible wax, mmmm. This Halloween the US will consume 20 million pounds of candy corn. A serving of candy corn is 22 pieces and contains 36 grams of sugar.  That’s the same as downing NINE packets of sugar. I’m fairly certain all of you are turned off by the idea of eating 9 packets of sugar, from your hand.

Am I trying to ruin your Halloween?  No.  Am I trying to ruin your candy consuming days after Halloween, yes.  Go nuts, go wild, dress up in costume, and have your candy too!  But afterward, go back to your clean burning well-oiled ways and get the candy out.

I’ll leave you all with the CF dietary prescription: “Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.