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Mountain Sectional Highlights Video


Mountain Sectional Highlights Video

For Time:
10 Front Squats 155#/95# 
20 Double unders
8 Front Squats
30 Double Unders
6 Front Squats
40 Double Unders
4 Front Squats
50 Double Unders
2 Front Squat
60 Double Unders
Taken from the New York/New Jersey sectional.

Big-ups to Christy who got her first unassisted kipping pull-up!

2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Sectional Highlight Video
Want to see the eye of the tiger in Emily or Olivia?  A grace in motion PR snatch from James?  Or how about a narly fall-and-get-back-at-it muscle-up attempt from Tracy?  Look no further than the highlight video from Day 1 of the 2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Sectional.

6 Responses

  1. Stef (CFV)

    Congrats to the Roots girls that made it into the top 30. You guys are bad ass!

    Nicole, great to watch you ‘actually kip’ in MU’s. lol! Try to come to Verve when in the afternoon sometime. I’d trust your training would kick my butt in a WOD 🙂

  2. Olivia

    Great job Christy!! 🙂 PS havnt been on the site in a while as I am away on a mtn bike adventure but I wanted to thank Blakely and Scott for such kind words.. And everyone who came out!
    None of us could have been there if it wasn’t for the best coaches in the world!