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Nature's Chill-Pill


Nature's Chill-Pill

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Weighted Dips


12min AMRAP:

min 1: 12 toes-to-bar
min 2: 10m handstand walk
min 3: 35 double-unders


L-sit rope climbs anyone?

Nature’s Chill-Pill

Bacteria used to be a dirty word and something we aimed to avoid as much as possible but more and more research is revealing that healthy bacteria in our gut plays a role in our brain function and our mental and emotional health. ┬áCheck out the latest research in this article by NPR, “Prozac In The Yogurt Aisle: Can ‘Good’ Bacteria Chill Us Out?”

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8 Responses

  1. Marcus Martin

    I don’t see his fancy glass Ozo coffee cup with the cork sleeve balanced in his lap for him to sip at the top while one hand grips the rope. Sorry, not completely impressed.

  2. Googs

    Guess what, Martin? After he did the L-sit rope climb, he did handstand pushups in the middle of the friggin’ shop — i.e. with no wall for support! This was a weekend WOD some months ago. It was fairly demoralizing to be walking from my little box setup (for my “handstand pushups”) over to the rope (where I would be doing my regular WITH legs rope climbs), and have to pass Khem pogoing inverted in the middle of the goddamned place.

  3. Marcus Martin

    Well, I’m not challenging you on that, Googs, but was he taking sips from his cup on the way down? Let’s not get frustrated with Khem, or draw needless comparisons. Stay positive . . . at least you don’t have to live with him.

  4. Josh haimes

    Nice blog post! Gut microbial ecology is going to play an increasingly prominent role in how we view human health (not just emotional health). While Rob Knight was still at CU, I worked in the same lab as his students, who sequence gut bacteria to link its populational profile to health conditions. On occasion I would bring packages up from the loading dock for them, which were probably full of person poo. Anyhow, some say this guy is destined for the Nobel Prize. It’s worth checking out his TED.