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In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:
1 minute of 30-inch box jumps
1 minute of 115-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls
2 minutes of 30-inch box jumps
2 minutes of 115-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls
3 minutes of 30-inch box jumps
3 minutes of 115-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls


Matt getting into some handstand pushups with Judge Marcus keeping a close eye and daughter Morgan cheering.

Every week it seems like we hear about a new study telling us what we should or shouldn’t eat.  And every other week we hear of another study that now says the opposite of the first study.  Fat is good. No, now it’s bad.  Well, the right kind of fat is good, if it’s the right amount, and if you exercise, but not if you drink, and so on and so forth.  So how do we know what to make of these studies?
This article by Mark’s Daily Apple gives us 15 reasons why we shouldn’t trust these studies.  He concludes:

This isn’t to suggest that nutritional studies are useless. I cite and refer to them all the time. They’re often the best, most objective angle on the situation available. Like democracy, it’s the worst except for all the others. But we have to recognize and consider their limitations.

Our health is our responsibility and I think it’s time we stop handing it over to “experts” and then also use those “experts” as a scapegoat when we find out that we aren’t as healthy as we thought.  I’m always skeptical of nutritional studies because there are simply so many variables when considering human health, some for which we have no way to measure.
If something does grab your attention, and it has passed your common sense test, then use yourself as the experiment.  Try making the change for a few weeks and see how you look, feel, and perform.  If you’re really concerned you could even get blood work done to see what’s happening on the inside.  And don’t forget about your Coaches.  We study this material daily, even experiment on ourselves, and we are always happy to share our thoughts on the matter.