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Old School


Old School

On a 6:00 minute interval:
500m row
400m run
Max rep kipping pull-ups
100 KB swings for time
30 thrusters for time (95/65)

Thanks Eric for the gorgeous Level II present!  You do great work.

Thanks Eric for the gorgeous Level II present! You do great work.

At CrossFit Roots we talk about the team effort.  You, the Roots community, are a team.  In your workouts, your decisions, and the burpees you do (as a team) if you fail to introduce yourself to the newbie.  I recently passed my Level II and while it was an individual accomplishment, I too had a team.  It started 9 months ago in our garage when Eric, Molly, and Emily who allowed me to coach them (and check my notes) through countless repetitions of the air squat.  It continued with the Foundations Courses who worked hard during every repetition while learning the 9 foundational movements in CrossFit.  It ended with video taped sessions with a very special gal at CrossFit Verve who picked apart my coaching.  Thanks to my team.

Paleo Kits!  We have them.  Post to comments if you would like some.

7 Responses

  1. Blakely

    10 more PaleoKits for me too! And congratulations on your Level II cert — I know it is an incredibly difficult certification to get but we all expect nothing less from you! You’re the best coach and then some.

  2. Molly

    I’d like to order 5 also. And don’t bill anybody’s kits to my account except mine! Very sneaky Jason and Emily haha.