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Paleo Kit Pre-Order


Paleo Kit Pre-Order

Complete as many reps as possible in 3 minutes/rest 2 minutes/6 minutes:
20 calorie Row
30 Wallball Shots, 20 pound ball
20 Toes to bar
30 Box jumps, 24″ box
20 Sumo-deadlit high-pull, 108 pound kettlebell
30 Burpees
20 Shoulder to overhead, 135 pounds
120 foot Sled pull, sled plus 165 pounds

Paleo Kit Pre-Order

With the school year back in session next week we had a number of requests for another Paleo Kit order.  We’re happy to help out.  Read below for all of the details.

Paleo Kit pre-order starts today!  We will run the pre-order from Wednesday, August 10th through Friday, August 19th. After the pre-order, we will stock a select variety of Paleo Kits at the shop for purchase.

What is a Paleo Kit?
Paleo Kits are pre-packed meals of grass fed beef jerky, dried strawberries and cranberries, and nuts including pecans, macademia nuts, and almonds.  For the pre-order we’ll also have available the coconut Paleo Kits, Just Jerky Kits, as well as the PaleoKrunch bars.

How do I pre-order?
Click here to place your order. Fill in your name and the quantity of each item you would like.  All pre-orders will receive a 5% discount. There is a 5 order minimum per item type.

What’s the cost on these babies? Here are the pre-order prices.  After pre-order prices listed in parenthesis.

Paleo Kits
Grass Fed Large: $6.18 (also available after pre-order, cost: $6.50)
Grass Fed Small: $4.70 (available for pre-order only)
Coconut Large: $5.65 (available for pre-order only)
Coconut Small: $3.75 (available for pre-order only)
Meat Only Kits
Just Jerky: $5.45 (also available after pre-order, cost: $5.75)
PaleoStix: $5.25 (available for pre-order only)
PaleoKrunch Bar – $2.70 (available for pre-order only)

Expensive you say?
Oh please.  Let’s compare the costs of a salad on the Pearl Street Mall, a grab and go lunch from Whole Foods, and a Paleo Kit. All meals bought for a Paleo female eating lunch…and never doubling the meat which is hard to believe!:)
1. Pearl Street Mall salad: $7.95 
2. Grab and go lunch from Whole Foods: $7.02 (1 avocado, 1 peach, 1/2 cup bluberries, 3 ounces meat from the salad bar) 
3. Large Paleo Kit: $6.15 (DING DING DING, WINNER!)

Not only are you making an economically informed decision when selecting a Paleo Kit over other “fast food” options, you are eating high quality ingredients, making a conscious decision to eat well even when on the run, and you’re supporting the youth athletes at Steve’s Club in Camden, NJ.  Take the time to click through and read about Steve’s Club.

When will they be here?
Paleo Kits will arrive the first week in September.  You will receive an email when they are available for pick-up.

What are the different kinds?
The Grass Fed are the “original” – beef jerky, nuts, and dried fruit
The Coconut are the “tropical” – beef jerky, coconut, and dried fruit (no nuts)
Just Jerky – beef jerky only
PaleoStix – think grassfed SlimJims!
PaleoKrunch Bar – think a grainless and gluten-free granola bar

What do I use them for?  Here are a few ideas:
– a solid meal on the go
– help in a pinch
– long bike rides
– camping/hiking trips
– plane rides to avoid airport food

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  1. Hank

    Kudos to Steve’s club.  Makes me wonder what we at Roots can do to help those at-risk in our own community.

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