Back Squat

Perfect Your Squat. Goodbye To Your “Butt Wink.”

We are excited to announce the first of a series of specialty clinics taught by Charlie Merrill, Root’s in-house PT, with a number of different guest coaches at Roots supporting the different clinics.

The first clinic will be Wednesday, October 7th from 6-7:30pm with special guest (and reformed butt winker), coach Kirk Warner.

Perfect Your Squat. Goodbye To Your “Butt Wink”

As the month of Squatember comes to a close, are you feeling like the bottom of your squat has not become a more easy or comfortable position to find? The squat is the foundation of your performance as an athlete and is highly predictive of injury risk. We want your’s to look beautiful!

What is a “butt wink”?  Technically, it’s the point in your squat where your pelvis rotates posteriorly, or tucks under, resulting in a change in your hip and low back position.  This wink results in a loss of spine, pelvis, and hip stability that increases strain on these joints.  Butt winking allows you to squat deeper, but at what cost?
Stiff ankles, short hip flexors, inhibited glutes, rigid thoracic spine and ribs, imbalanced hip rotation, and contracted hip ligaments are just a few of the common reasons CrossFitters lack the ability to squat below parallel without a butt wink. Come motivated and eager to learn how to squat well.
After 90 minutes, each participant will leave with a customized program including specific corrective exercises.  This will get you focused on the 2-3 critical variables you need to address aggressively to hit that perfect squat. 
Cost: $50.  (limited to 12 people)
Wednesday, October 7th from 6-7:30pm
Sign-up HERE.