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Regulating Personal Trainers


Regulating Personal Trainers

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Ryan's expression after learning that Nick (left) and Megan just got engaged! Congrats you two.

Ryan’s expression after learning that Nick (left) and Megan just got engaged! Congrats you two.

Regulating Personal Trainers

Does anyone have the right to tell you how to exercise? Does anyone have the right to tell your personal trainer or coach what methods she can utilize to improve your fitness and help you reach your goals?

New regulations being written in the District of Columbia could define who is licensed to practice as a fitness instructor. And that definition will most likely not include the CrossFit method.

The regulation and licensure of personal trainers is a important topic in the CrossFit and fitness world. Read the Washington Post article to learn more. 

In the Nation’s Capital, a New Business to Regulate: D.C.’s Personal Trainers 

For consumers in the District — and eventually Massachusetts and other states where registration or licensure is under debate — regulations could cause some gyms to close while owners and trainers obtain suitable certifications. Such state registries or licenses could also pervade preventive health-care programs. If an employer can get more credit for offering a certified lunchtime pilates program than for a calisthenics routine run by a rogue instructor from CrossFit, it could shape offerings that may suit the fitness needs of some consumers more than others.

2 Responses

  1. Eric Killian

    This was an issue in the Yoga Industry just this past spring. Thankfully yoga instructors and practitioners from around the state let their voice be heard. It was easily shot down. I would imagine a bit of grassroots support would keep something like this from coming to pass.

  2. lisa p

    I would think CFHQ could put together a pretty strong lobby to get these regulators in DC to stand down.