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Roots Member Survey – All the Cool Kids Are Completing It


Roots Member Survey – All the Cool Kids Are Completing It

Please take the Roots Member Survey.

Sign-up for cholesterol testing here. Not sure what this is about?  Check-out the Newsletter!

15 minute AMRAP:
4 ring dips
12 kettlebell swings
20 air squats

Ryan and Lindsay are getting married in one week! They were surprised by a partner wedding WOD on Thursday evening's 6pm class. We wish you two all the best from CrossFit Roots!




The October Newsletter!

The October Newsletter hits email Inboxes TODAY!  Stay on the look-out!

Detailed in the Newsletter is this fall’s food challenge, the Roots member survey, a recap of recent competitions, schedule updates, and many upcoming events including the Roots Scavenger Hunt!

10 Responses

  1. Mike

    Does anyone know which archived hour Nicole, June, and Tracy lifted in? I wanna watch their lifts but don’t want to sit through 8 hours of video to find it. Thanks!

  2. Scott G

    Nicole is in Saturday Session 1 — 4(Snatch),5(Clean & Jerk) plus Final(Triplet)… I couldn’t find any Friday archive…

  3. Dave

    The survey wouldn’t let me submit without rating all the instructors, so any of the “poor” entries are just placeholders for coaches I had little or no experience with. I don’t actually hate Ryan & Eric. Or maybe I do. I’ll tell you for a t-shirt (medium).

  4. Emily

    My newsletter didn’t display the survey or the competition recap. When I clicked on the links, there was just a blank space.

  5. Caps

    Emily, it sounds like either your email didn’t fully load, or the hotlinks scrolled you down past the end of the email. The links should just scroll the page down to where those sections are. Does restarting/reloading your email or manually scrolling help you at all?

  6. Asha

    Since no one is signed up between 6-7 am on Wednesday for the cholesterol screening can we extend it from 8-9am???

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