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USAW/CF Open, Day 2


USAW/CF Open, Day 2


June PRs her snatch and falls in love with Olympic Weightlifting competitions!

Day 1 Recap

June and Tracy kicked off Day 1 of the USAW/CrossFit Open with stellar performances.

June hit PRs in both her snatch and clean & jerk and, as she left for the AMRAP, said, “I’m going to kill this shit!”  Quite the turnaround from her early lifting days.  Two people commented to me on her great form during the clean portion of the WOD.  Watch out folks, we may have an Oly lifter in the making!

Tracy proved that athletes can come back from injuries in a heartbeat with some positive think.  After a summer of injuries, traveling for work, and just a few weeks of solid lifting back on the platforms, she went in to the meet and nailed gorgeous successful attempts in the snatch and clean & jerk that were each just slightly below her bests.  More importantly, Tracy showed that a determination to crush a weakness is possible with a designated effort.  After struggling with double-unders in the 2010 Regionals, Tracy bought a jump rope, traveled with it on business trips, made it a priority, and overcame the double-under trouble.  She is an awesome example of how practice and dedication can make a huge difference in just a short time.

9 Responses

  1. Great job June and Tracy! You both took that fear and punched it in the face… Awesome! Great job Nicole on the Mic… broadcasting might be in your future.

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