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Sleep Cocktail


Sleep Cocktail

4 rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
155-lb. overhead squats, 10 reps

Sleep Cocktail

Yesterday we posted about sleep and research that supports that this precious part of your day can actually help flush toxins from the brain. 

But many people find it hard to fall asleep. Overstimulation throughout the day, the excessive use of phones and screens in the evening time, and late bedtimes make it that some folks think about bedtime with dread. 

Awhile back Eric became very interested in sleep and through his internet searches and podcast subscriptions he learned about Doctor Kirk Parsley, a physician in the US Navy who became particularly interested in sleep and its impact on health and performance.

If you have a bit of time today, we highly recommend you check out Dr. Parsley’s TedTalk video above where he spouts out some fascinating statistics on sleep. 

Recently, Dr. Parsley created what he calls Sleep Cocktail. It’s a pre-bedtime drink that he believes helps you not only fall asleep, but also aides in restful, restorative sleep. I have to admit, when it first showed up at our door, I looked at Eric with great skepticism. For real Eric? But as a full-blown hard-to-fall-asleep-er I was intrigued. 

It’s now been two months and Eric and I swear by it. If you’re looking for a sleep aide, this is a good one!

2 Responses

  1. Jennifer Kievit

    Have you ever heard of Kavinace? It’s taurine and some other amino acid, they also make an “ultra” which contains melatonin and that’s even more amazing. Suggested by my practitioner I’m also taking theanine 300mg and phosphatidylserine (aids in repairing the neurotransmitters in our brain) 300mg per night. That has been working well with my stress levels. I just started taking theanine serene by source naturals and it has GABA, magnesium, taurine, theanine and holy basil. Woke up peacefully and refreshed rather than groggy with a side of heart pounding anxiety.

  2. You know I have to throw some Chiropractic into the mix! The first reason why I ever went to a Chiropractor was because I couldn’t stay asleep. From having a straight neck (aka forward head posture/loss of cervical curve) it put me into a constant state of sympathetic overdrive/fight-or-flight response. This leads to increased stress hormones, difficulty sleeping, increased anxiety, adrenal fatigue, ADD/ADHD, among many other health issues. CrossFitters are notoriously known for having forward head posture due to many pushing movements and/or sitting and working at a desk all day. These repetitive stressors take a toll on your spine. Sleep aids are great and all, but there could be a deeper reason for not being able to sleep and it could be traced back to your physiology and structure of your spine. After all, proper structure leads to proper function! Chiropractic is a lot more than just the stereotypical back pain/neck pain.