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Shake It Up


Shake It Up

Split Jerk
Tabata Abmat Sit-ups

One member has requested that we workout to classical music one day. Another member would like to workout to show tunes. What is your request?

One member has requested that we workout to classical music one day. Another member would like to workout to show tunes. What is your request?

Shake It Up

Ryan likes heavy metal and AC/DC. Ali has a thing for Ke$ha. Nicole would do anything to meet Katy Perry but playing her Pandora station 24/7 helps fill the void. Shane loves Dubstep. Trevor chooses Geronimo radio most mornings and Eric, well Eric is a little unpredictable. Kirk and Dave don’t get to chose the music very often…

With the many coaches at Roots and our wide variety in music tastes, the Pandora stations are pretty eclectic.

But, what if you could request a Pandora station…what would it be? Post to comments, and maybe, just maybe your request will become a reality.

31 Responses

  1. Googs

    Forget Pandora, what you people need is a custom Spotify playlist made by me. GoogsMusic[TM], a spicy blend of hardcore punk, classic rock, metal, vintage hip hop, and Joe Walsh (what?!), peppered with Jerky Boys bits (perfect for those 1RM days) and even a couple of show tunes. There is no country in GoogsMusic — and that’s just the way it is so get the fu*k over it — but we do have room for some Skynyrd. You’re scared, but you know you want it.

      1. Googs

        Dude, there is no a-la-carte with GoogsMusic. It’s like CrossFit in that way. The playlist is like one long chipper.

    1. Stephen Venable

      How do I subscribe to this magical GoogsMusic? “There is no country in GoogsMusic”. Does GoogsMusic endorse hair bands?

  2. Mike Holm

    Only concern is soft rock during the workout. Can’t be hearing finger elevin while trying to max out a push press. Save that soft stuff for mobility class. And seriously, Katy Perry radio is the shit!

  3. Mike Turner

    Anything with a beat above 120BPM. But I second Mr. Holm in both the guilty pleasure of Katy Perry and a desire to hear what Googs has to offer in the form of playlists.
    I will also say that we did a workout a few months back where the music was terribly slow and it made an AMRAP so much more difficult…so much…so so so much!

      1. Ok but are we creating a Taylor Swift station from her self titled album in 2006 or from the most recent 1989 album and Shake It Off. Big difference there as to what Pandora puts together.

        1. Such a hard question, Nicole. Can we start with Taylor Swift’s newest and then add in some older stuff? Love that this is a comment thread, btw. 😉

    1. Jeremy

      This is a good list of some that I like too — I’d add Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and since Katy Perry and Tay-Tay are so popular, I’d probably add Kimbra too. Edited to add select Florence and the Machine has the right pace as well

  4. Marcus Martin

    So little interest in WOD programming, yearly benchmarks, food, sleep, but when it comes to music, holy cow! Very strong emotions being tapped today.
    I think management needs to refocus its priorities pronto – –
    I’m voting for giving GoogsMusic{™} a one day 5:30 am to 7 pm trial run, with the stipulation that you tone down (just a bit) the explicit stuff during the kids class.